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  • we want it back

    Why did you discontinue the program "Perception"? The only series that

    challenges your views and thought processes! I do not know one person

    that did not thoroughly enjoy the show along with discussing the

    episodes and isn't upset that it's been cancelled! This program WAS NOT

    the usual obvious plot,but educated society of the brain and how it also let us into the mind of a person living and

    functioning with mental denying us this program more,"DUMBING

    DOWN OF AMERICANS"? Our viewing of TNT programs will diminish

    immediately along with many other viewers.
  • What a Dumb Episode to End the Season On.

    The ending as a whole makes no sense. Daniel is blown up after going over to his dads girlfriends house as a favor.. Stupid , Stupid , Stupid..
  • About following the show since beggining

    I love this show: humorous and a bit critic to the way many look to mental ill people.

    This show does not make the pierce disease ridiculous and faces how schizophrenia can be scary.
  • Extraordinary is what this show is!!!!

    I absolutely love Perception!! It gives me a positive outlook on mental illness because I have depressive bipolar disorder and social anxiety. I know what it's like to be locked inside your own mind and I love the way Dr. Pierce thinks. He has a brilliant mind and I love watching him figure things out.
  • One of the best shows EVER!!!

    This is one of the greatest shows I've seen in a long time. I love all the characters; Daniel Pierce is terrific, Agent Kate Moretti is wonderful and Scott Wolf as Donnie Ryan is the absolute BEST.

    I hope its on for a long time.

    And cantankerous is just that: CANTANKEROUS!!! hE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT.
  • Has this show changed format?

    Season one, and the first half of S2 had Dr. Daniel Pierce solving crimes as a consultant with the help of halucinations brought on by his illness, when the show returned this year he no longer seems to be hallucinating people giving him advice and ideas or at least not to the extent it was in the earlier episodes.

    I strill enjoy it even if it isn't the same show.
  • Sorry I'm done

    The show has gone downhill FAST since they introduced the Donnie Ryan character.
  • Exceeds my expectations

    BRILLIANT! Can't get enough of Dr. Daniel Pierce!
  • very unique...

    just started watching this show by accident out of boredom and WOW BATMAN :)))

    very impressed great show love the story lines...

    LOVES BEAUTIFUL MIND... this show reminds me of that...

    hope they keep it going... very unique and different...

    (kate) plays the FBI agent a bit weak, needs to be stronger or come a cross a bit more incharge and demanding ... beside that its a fantastic show...

    love it love it love it
  • so good

    so good and clever!! great job!
  • Too Smart

    I love this show. This is the best serie ever
  • Fashion

    I love the sweaters Dr Natalie wears. I would also like to know if they are made for her.
  • Crazy Good

    Love this show. Great storey lines.
  • Can't stand the FBI agent

    I like McCormack and all the other players as well, except for the FBI Agent. She has such a wimpy voice it drives me up a wall everytime she opens her mouth. I'm sorry, but that's my opinion. This show needs someone stronger in that role. An FBI agent has to be tough not whispering all the time and hard to comprehend. Last night I switched to another program because I couldn't stand her. Sorry Eric.
  • Educational and Entertaining

    Incredibly great tv incorporating brain science and crime solving into one show.
  • Excellent show

    I hope this show stays with us for many many seasons. It is witty, unusal, charming, interesting and engaging. It is rare to see something "new" (even though they are following many proven formulas here) in today's TV.
  • Rachel Leigh

    never written something like this the hairstylist for Rachel Leigh get a clue. Her hair always looks terrible! It's always put in a ponytail in a style that NO ONE wears anymore. She's a young, beautiful you give her a modern hair with the times hair stylist!
  • Perception's back

    I had been waiting for ages it seems for Perception to start season 2. I think the premise of this show is different and has real promise. The last episodes of season 1 just got better and better. I enjoyed the episode, but it seems to be lacking something to set it apart from all of the other procedural shows. I think the acting is fine, but the writing needs to be stepped up. There are so many quirky cop dramas out there that it is going to be hard separate from the pack. I think the real story should be about how Daniel copes with his hallucinations and how he relates to other people. I think Arjay could play a larger role in keeping Daniel in touch with reality and he has real comedic flair. I like the enigma Daniel faces in trying to keep both the real Caroline and the imagined Natalie in his life. I love the classroom scenes that tie it together. I just don't know where Rachel fits in. Daniel as a schizophrenic, is not working. Even the most functional schizophrenics have other issues like social anxiety, which Daniel showed in the first few episodes, but has since seemed to not be that much of a problem now. The antipsychotics tend to be sedating and control hallucinations, but they cannot rewire the brain and control the way people think. Daniel should not be so well adjusted and on those drugs he should be barely able to stand still.
  • stoked that its coming back for a 2nd series!

    Like the acting of Daniel Pierces character. brings a lot of element of suprise to the show.
  • Awesome show

    I can't wait for it to return! Absolutely original. I really love it <3
  • COME BACK!!!!

  • COME BACK!!!!

    I think this is a very intriguing perspective on the confusion of Schizophrenia and LOVE THIS SHOW

    when is it going to air season TWO??????????????
  • Please come back

    Does any one know when this show is going to come back. I miss it so badly.
  • Pretty Great

    I really love this show. The characters are great and the plot is original which is hard to say about a crime drama. The start was a little slow, but around the third episode it really picks up and once you see the last two episodes you are going to be so happy you started watching this series. I can't wait 'til it returns.
  • bad propaganda is bad

    Decent premise but the bs propaganda spewed on this show is appalling. Can't watch this show sober.
  • My new favourite show

    As always Eric McCormack is amazing. I love the plots, the characters and the cast.
  • not sure

    Not sure it's such a good idea for a show to popularize the idea that a serious untreated mental disorder such as schizophrenia could actually enhance crime solving genius.

    The biggest problem patients and family of patients face is unwillingness of the schizophrenic to be treated...
  • Love this show

    Can't wait until it returns. My husband and I love this show. Thanks TNT !
  • good night at home

    love this show . My wife and I look forward Monday nights now. keep u on your toes u don't know sometimes if it's real or his illness
  • This show saved a life.

    After watching this TV drama we learned that while on a blood thinner coumadin you cannot eat omega 3oils Found out that my blood was too thin and was on my way to a stroke. Thank you perception for putting real life situations in your show. :-). Great Show 100%
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