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  • Perception's back

    I had been waiting for ages it seems for Perception to start season 2. I think the premise of this show is different and has real promise. The last episodes of season 1 just got better and better. I enjoyed the episode, but it seems to be lacking something to set it apart from all of the other procedural shows. I think the acting is fine, but the writing needs to be stepped up. There are so many quirky cop dramas out there that it is going to be hard separate from the pack. I think the real story should be about how Daniel copes with his hallucinations and how he relates to other people. I think Arjay could play a larger role in keeping Daniel in touch with reality and he has real comedic flair. I like the enigma Daniel faces in trying to keep both the real Caroline and the imagined Natalie in his life. I love the classroom scenes that tie it together. I just don't know where Rachel fits in. Daniel as a schizophrenic, is not working. Even the most functional schizophrenics have other issues like social anxiety, which Daniel showed in the first few episodes, but has since seemed to not be that much of a problem now. The antipsychotics tend to be sedating and control hallucinations, but they cannot rewire the brain and control the way people think. Daniel should not be so well adjusted and on those drugs he should be barely able to stand still.
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