Perfect Blue

(ended 1997)


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Perfect Blue

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Mima leaves her career as a singer to pursue acting in this animated adult psycho-thriller from Japan. She had a "good girl" image as a singer but as an actress she takes a role that turns the tables. She battles with angry fans and ghosts of the past and present as she tries to discover the "real Mima."
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  • Quite a cool thriller

    This animated movie takes place in Tokyo, with the main character Mima and two girl dancers. They sing J-pop (Japanese popular music) and a added entertanment the Go! rangers were there to stop the bad guy. As you get more in to the story you find that the main character wants to become an actor so she has a better courier, but she doesn't want to leave her friends behind. As she gets into her new job as a actor, she gets frightning letters and emails from a stalker. This stalker thinks like she does, which scares her. Her agent tells her to ignore them and to continue her acting. Later as Mima gets disgusted with herself she poses for nude photographs. One night a ghost appears taking on the allas of Mima, this imposter murders a man and makes it look as if the real Mima did it. When a ghost like Mima talks to her, it goes to a scene were the two Mima's are jumping up and down from lamp to lamp. The only this I thought was lame about this anime movie was the ending, agent ends up being the ghost Mima that was chasing her and she flys though a window and gets impaled on a shard of glass. Mima is in tears as the ambulance comes by and she gets in the front and the bloody body goes in the back.moreless

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