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Perfect Hair Forever

Season 1 Episode 0

Perfect Hair Forever/Anime Talk Show

Aired Sunday 12:30 AM Nov 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Perfect Hair Forever/Anime Talk Show
The viewer is treated to an anime parody involving a balding young man's quest to stop his balding process and to find perfect hair with the helpful advice from his sex-crazed "Uncle Grandfather" and a variety of colorful characters along the way. Cartoon Network's very own Space Ghost then hosts a "Special Presentation" panel talking with Meatwad, Sharko, and Squidbilly Early Cuyler on what they (and the viewers) just saw.moreless

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      • On April Fools Day 2007, this episode was shown in the style of a scratched VHS tape with English subtitles.

      • Kim Manning, Director of Programming for Adult Swim, provides the voice of 'Gerald' in "Perfect Hair Forever."

      • Reportedly, one of the reasons for the delay in the production and release of the "Squidbillies" episodes is that the scripts went through constant rewrites, with at least three occurring between March and October 2004.

      • One rumor involving the reason for Perfect Hair/Anime Talk Show airing rather than the Squidbillies pilot was that the people at Williams Street simply weren't sure where to take the show. That storyboards had been drawn up, scripts written, and even basic animation done, but that both resources and time simply were overtaxed and unavailable, so "Perfect Hair Forever," which had been completed months before, was aired in its place. The 'Anime Talk Show' involving Space Ghost and company was recorded, animated, and edited mere days before broadcast. Or so the rumor goes.

      • Someone on the "Perfect Hair" production staff is a Democrat. In the WingDings-font credits for the show they showed in the "Squidbillies" slot ("Perfect Hair Forever"), in the first block of incomprehensible text there was a string of four symbols: the "No" circle-slash, a G, a lowercase omega, and a B. "No GWB".

      • Several minutes of "teaser" footage for the Squidbillies public debut were created for the 2004 San Diego Comicon in San Diego and the 2004 Dragon con in Atlanta. The initial reaction was mixed, with most fans unsure of what to make of the show.

      • "Squidbillies" is animated almost entirely in Flash, the same computer program used to produce and animate "Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends," created by Craig McCracken (who also created "The Powerpuff Girls").

      • This was Sharko's "official" introduction into the Adult Swim menagerie of characters. Although Sharko (voice of Matt Thompson) appeared as a guest on Space Ghost's talk show discussing what it is everyone just saw, he did so mere days before the new episodes of Sealab 2021 in which he appeared aired. While he "died" on Space Ghost's talk show thanks to Squidbilly Early Kyler and a very hungry bear, Sharko would later go on to appear in the 2004 Sealab 2021 episodes 'Joy of Grief,' 'Sharko's Machine,' and 'Return of Marco.'

      • The airing of "Perfect Hair Forever" and the subsequent "Anime Talk Show" hosted by Space Ghost rather than the airing of the "Squidbillies" pilot was considered by many Adult Swim viewers to be a deliberate attempt by Williams Street/Adult Swim to "prank" the viewing audience, since Adult Swim had been teasing viewers for months on how great the show would be. Before the show, they announced 'and now the Squidbillies'. Before the 'Special Presentation', they announced in their bumps 'and now the Squidbillies', and even after the show they announced, 'and now the Squidbillies'.

      • The "Squidbillies" pilot episode was supposed to air before this, but instead "Perfect Hair Forever" aired in its place.

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