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  • Reminds me of planet chasers starlight excellent

    it does Remind me of planet chasers starlight excellent
  • Is it anime? no its Bananime.

    Attention Japaneese animation fans, when you think of anime cliches, ( and there are alot of them ) what usualy comes to mind? Outrageous hairstyles, overly emotional characters, underage pervertedness, over age pervertedness, storylines that seem to wander aimlessly, unecessary use of violence and hard language, children with god like powers,
    Giant walking talking transforming robots? If you said yes to any or all of those then chances are you,ve been mind F'd by the overwhelming weirdness that is anime. Perfect Hair Forever is a show that spoofs the genre and does so unregrettably well, using all of those cliches youve come to expect from an anime. This journey involvles a young balding boy named Gerald who was designed to resemble your typical main character from ( Fill in the Blank ) anime series. However I find it humorous that he looks quite similar to Yukse of Yu Yu Hakusho, which was previously broadcasted on the same network. Gerald's baldness is equivalent to his plainess and bland personality, which of corse was done intentionaly for comedic purpose. Like just about every anime ever made the main character must go on a quest of ambigous significance.
    This poor pathetic boy has to travel to find what he calls " the ninth level of power" ...indeed non specific randomness. He is guided at first by his Uncle Grandfather, yes you read that right. I beleive this is a comedic reference to the translation issues that occur when anime is subtitled or dubbed, or just a joke towards a misconception of japaneese social structure, wherein your grandfather can also be considered your uncle and vice versa.

    Uncle Grandfather is a hilarious character based on a cliche used repeatedly not only in anime but in martial arts films as well. Im talking about the stereotypical fat old drunken perverted hermet Kung Fu master. Everything about this character makes me laugh, especialy his horrible dialect and mispronunciation of the english letter L making every L sound like a W. Once again demonstrating how the Japaneese to English transition rarely comes out smooth. The show usues a large of colorful cast and characters, including a lineup of stupid anime mascots or tag alongs that always plauge our favorite shows, shuch as Inuyasha and Bleach. PHF does a remarkable job presenting just how annoying anime mascots can be and have little to no effect on the plot. Speaking of the plot which usualy involves a quest and a villian,often gets side tracked along the way. Then there are entire episodes that are basicaly throw away material because they focus on characters or events that have no significance to the overall plot and were merely put there to buy the animators time. PHF is an example of the how anime can go wrong, but at the same time manages to entertain you with its unique williams street style humor invited by shows such as space ghost and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Theres plenty odd one liners that you have to rewind and get a good listen to wrap your brain around, and bad english phrasing to hold your attention and make you burst out laughing for no apparent reason.

    With only 7 episodes thus far the story manages to almost work itself out, although a bit confusing and insanely ridiculous the characters and events still stay true to themselves and the universe in which they take place. PHF includes several musical sequences filled with special effects that will cause you to question your sobriety, and overall state of mind.The Lyrics of such are about equal to the incoherent babbling of a radio talk show host. Trippy ecstacy inspired psycadelic sequences will catch you off gaurd and make you forget what is supposed to happen next. However all this is intentional and a ploy to make you release any intention you have of taking the plot seriously. Afterall its supposed to be a satirical parody. Overall its short and worth a couple laughs not as a disrespect to anime but instead as a comedic perspective.
    You'll want to laugh again and again at the poorly drawn characters, ridiculous story, fool hardy script, and splendid voice acting, and mature content youve learned to enjoy from shows like Sealab 2021 and Squidbillies.
  • omg i love this show what cant u say abou it i mean on one episode....

    i mean on one episode there was a aligator riding a motorcycle then a tornado smoking then on another a cat with a mini-gun omfg this show made me it made me cry i love it and i know it makes no sense and theres a floating hot dog do the la la la la la la. but it also has a hot anime girl in i a tiny thong i mean come on dont tell me thats must see tv i want more when will they make new episodes come on adult swim pull on through come on adult swim.
  • what was Adult Swim thinking

    This is possibly the worst show i have ever seen in my life. The animation is terrible looks like its from the 1980s,the plot is horrible, and seriously y do i need english subtitles the show is in ENGLISH. Not to mention the subtitles do not match half the words they are saying.

    The storyline is terrible, when the plot doesn't jump from random pointless scene to scene it follows the life of a balding teen, Gerard on a quest to gain perfect hair. Having no focus whatsoever may work for some shows aqua teen hunger force for example but not for this one its just too retarded. Also the animation is poor, seeming to only have cared about making Brenda hot and ignoring everything else. Just another one of adult swim's super flop shows.
  • Who doesnt want PERFECT HAIR FOREVER.

    This all ties in to the male desire for the perfect head of hair and they want it at all cost - they will pay thousands of dollars for plugs and transplants!

    I love the way its tied to other series like 12 OZ MOUSE, Space Ghost Coast to Coast and others. What everyone wants to know is one burning question: What the H E Double Toothpicks is on Tuna Mountain and how ill it help the follicly challenged Gerald? I suspect it may have something to do with Gerald scoring for the 1st time with a woman. But thats just a guess.

    It, like 12 OZ MOUSE, though not nearly as deep, is a multi layered wonder. Will we find out how Uncle Grandfather's (what a name!) mistress Brenda started the CAT-BUN WARS? She is the hottest animated character since White Debbie on SEALAB 2021. Plus she reminds me of Uma Thurman from Kill Bill the way she sliced off Geralds ear - the kept it in a box! Ive had a thing for sword wielding women ever since.

    The weird assortment of characters only adds to the richness and depth of this creation. Looking forward to viewing the next 16 episodes. Hopefully they will air on Cartoon Network and not just online.
  • This is a great Japan show!

    This was one of the great shows! I loved it, I didn't get it, but because I only watched 2 episodes of it, it looked interesting, I liked the characters, my most favorite character is Brenda, she doesn't and never talked, she's Uncle Grandfather's assistant, she is the hottest babe, on an animated TV show series, she's also very sexy, she wears a mini school girl skirt, a great hair design, you can see her hot butt tocks with a mini skirt, too bad she's in a thong. With a boy named Gerald, a perverted Uncle Grandfather, a comedy tree, Catman, an annoying hotdog, a professor, and much much more, i hope they really bring the series back.
  • Perfect hair forever is a senseless, but very funny parody of Japanese animation, with memorable characters and great music.

    Honestly, the show makes no sense, but thats not a bad thing, in fact it makes the show stand out. This show makes fun of a lot of stereotypes in anime, so non-anime fans might not get some of the jokes. Sure the plot is often seemingly non-existant or self-contradictory but it's funny all the same. Then every episode there's a great new ending or opening theme, and we can't forget about the great variety of crazy characters. Each episode is so different, you never see half of the stuff this show throws at you coming!
  • Anime Parody that doesn't make any sense. In a good way.

    While a lot of the humor in this show depends on having at least a passing familiarity with anime, it can be enjoyed by the layperson as well. ^_^ It's definitely a love it or hate it affair. I enjoyed it immensely, while my girlfriend thinks it's a disturbing waste of time.

    It's a very short show, so the humor never really has a lot of time to get stale. Since it was made by the Williams Street guys, so it's a pretty safe bet that if you're a fan their other stuff, you'll get a kick out of this.
  • These shows are in slots that do not get any good ratings. I think they put something there that will keep some people interested. Why put quality/expensive shows there? I think perfect hair forever/12 oz mouse are good ideas for their time slots.

    I do not think this show is a waste of time. These shows are in slots that do not get any good ratings. I think they put something there that will keep some people interested. Why put high quality/expensive shows there? Something cheap, and easy. I think perfect hair forever/12 oz mouse are good ideas for their time slots.
  • Gerald is going bald. Coifio is crazy. A giraffe that talks, a dude in a cat suit, a tree with a face, and a singing hot dog. Just face facts this show makes no sense but it doesnt need to its funny as hell.

    This animated comedy pokes fun at anime by having crazy story lines that dont make sense. By the creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. If you like ATHF, you'll like this show. Watch for the singing hot dog.
    Gerald is going bald. Coifio is crazy. A giraffe that talks, a dude in a cat suit, a tree with a face, and a singing hot dog, poised in the middle of a battle between kittens and hot dogs. Just face facts this show makes no sense but it doesnt need to its funny as hell.
  • Not bad.

    This show is good for some laughs (especially from uncle grandfather). It also pokes fun at the anime genre, which is ripe for parody. If you don't like weird comedy or know anything about anime, then this show is probably not your cup of tea. If you love or hate anime, you might find this interesting (or like wacky comedies).