Perfect Strangers

Season 2 Episode 12

Dog Gone Blues

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Jan 07, 1987 on ABC

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  • This episode has some of the most hillarious and saddest moments.

    I remembered watching this episode almost exactly 20 years ago. I was nine years old and it made me cry. I felt embarrassed, especially in front of my parents. Today, I'm 29 and just recently watched this episode for first time since that time. And wouldn't you believe it, I still broke down at the end - maybe even more so than the first time around. The episode has a mixture of all-out hillarity and sadness. Belki, in euphoria, surprises Larry with a dog he brought from the animal shelter. But Larry, knowing the landlord stipulation against owning pets, objects at first. Larry, however, falls for the dog's friendliness and the cousins devise ways of not getting the dog noticed by Twinky. SPOILER
    But of course, Twinky finds out. Belki hides the dog just before he comes in. Twinky spots a bag of dog food. Larry claims it's his snack and starts munching on it to prove it. Then, he gives some to Belki. I was cracking up hard. Twinky later notices white dog hair. Belki claims his girlfriend was over last night and she's Swedish. Later, Twinky hears scratching noises. He eventually discovers the dog. Knowing it's time to move on, Larry finds a family who will adopt. But Belki who has developed a strong bond with the dog refuses to part ways. The adopting family arrives and Belki knows he has no choice and sadly accepts. The ending was very well done and emotional.