Perfect Strangers

Season 3 Episode 7

The Horn Blows at Midnight

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 04, 1987 on ABC

Episode Recap

Larry pays little attention to a famous psychic visiting the Chronicle, but Balki believes in superstitions and gets her autograph. Upon holding the pen he gave her, she goes in a trance and predicts a terrible storm, a man sit on a sheep, eat a golden ring, then death come at midnight to take him away. When Larry reveals it was his lucky pen, it's clear the prediction was about him. Balki fears for Larry's life and tries to trick him into leaving town immediately, but Larry doesn't believe the prediction about his death, although he gets a little startled when a thunderstorm spontaneously appears. To ease Balki's tension, Larry invites Jennifer and Mary Anne to wait up with them till midnight; but Balki takes no chances and sprinkles Larry with Myposian death repellant. Everyone starts to get nervous when Larry sits down on the couch, right on top of Dimitri, Balki's toy sheep. To calm down, Larry eats a donut but freaks out upon the golden flavor, making it a golden ring. Everyone is scared and screams when the lights go out at midnight, but when they come back on the gang is relieved to see Larry still alive. The girls leave, then Larry and Balki head to their rooms as the time is almost midnight. They realize Mary Anne's watch was fast and get scared as a knock is heard at their door, at the real midnight. Larry desperately figures they just won't answer, but Balki decides he'll pretend to be Larry so Mr. Death will take him instead. Larry can't let him do it and they wrestle each other getting tangled up on the couch when the door opens. It's Jennifer, who left her purse on their table. When she leaves, they both agree that Mr. Death would have been less humiliating.