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  • Perry and Della rule!

    Really like this show. It's a nicely acted court drama and it's well worth looking into. Both the tv series in general and the tv movies. Both eras that they take place in fit/suit the characters (meaning the 50's to the early 60's for the show and the 80's to early 90's for the movies).

    Only real issue I ran into series were mainly due to overacting by some of the actors and some of the episodes being dated. But other than that it's good viewing.
  • best court drama!

    I would have to say that everything about this show is absolutely wonderful!!! All the cast of this show has great acting in all episodes. Perry Mason is definitely a clever guy that's why I completely love this show! I missed watching it that's why I look for a decent DVD copy of this show to reminisce each episode of the show. I purchased a copy of it at DVDBOOTH .COM . Very dependable company because they provide good products! When I checked the DVDs, it was worth recommending for because I received a good quality set. It's purely watchable and has the complete episodes. Feel like a lotto winner for obtaining this complete collection because Perry Mason is the best court TV drama and definitely one of the top greatest series of all time.
  • As I Love Lucy set the standard for future situation comedy series, so Perry Mason sets the standard for courtroom and investigation series that followed it.

    Before there was Law & Order, Quincy, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, NCIS, JAG, Justice, Barnaby Jones, or any of the many crime, law, or investigation series there was Perry Mason.

    Perry Mason managed to combine all these various aspects of a good crime series into an hour show. With Paul as his detective and yes even Lieutenant Arthur Tragg helping from time to time Perry fought for justice inside the courtroom.

    Unlike many of today's courtroom drama series Perry put justice ahead of his winning record. While his courtroom antics were wonderful twists, skating close to being unethical, and a thorn in D.A. Hamilton Burger side, he wouldn't break the law (expect for the occasional parking ticket) and above all he sought the truth.

    Somewhere along the lines many of the series that followed forgot to seek the truth. It isn't their fault, as they only emulated the real life police and district attorneys who view their records as more important than justice or truth.

    Where the series that followed forgot their obligations (to set a higher standard and remind all those inside and outside of the real courtrooms of how truly unique, wondrous, and above all fragile our liberties and system of justice is to each person), Perry Mason doesn't forget nor does he fail to find a calling higher than the truth and justice.

    Perry Mason like its Black and White format showed us the grey tones guilty people use to conceal the truth. But also like its format the series viewed its world in very simple terms, such as a guilty person when faced with his guilt will confess. Life doesn’t always imamate art and there in lies Perry Mason’s greatest and its flaw.
  • This show is perfect

    I do not know what else to day. This show is the ultimate in mystery and entertainment. Though I tend to faveor the latter, colored episodes (for their more complex mysteries, more realistic murders, and larger amounts of action and suspense), the original black and white ones were no less than the best either. This is one of those television shows that I honestly believe someone should have been jailed at the cancellation of. So what if Raymond Burr passed away. The producers should have found a way to make it work. They could have done a reboot with a younger guy and kept the same producers (to retain quality). My only regret is that the re-runs of this show don't air abymore. This show was EPIC.
  • Perry Mason was a popular show based on Erle Stanley Gardners long running book series. Not liking the movies made from his books Gardner accepted less money from CBS in exchange for creative control Gardner chose Raymond Burr as Perry.

    Perry Mason is one of the most popular law series and I remember my mom watching the show. I like the main three characters. Perry the lawyer, Della Street his secretary and Paul Drake the detective. Many current TV stars guested on the show. Its one of the few black and white series still showing. A local UHF station still runs it daily. Thats why I can remember It well since I managed to see almost all the episodes.I saw it listed on a mystery book about detectives which included Paul Drake as a helper because Perry of course is the main character.
  • Captivated without a requirment of succession....

    My words have an intensity not available to the English dictionary. There is not a single word that can explain the marvel exhibited from the superb acting that so glimpsed in a single flip of a remote control. Hardly had I even the time to change my preference let alone listen in my perception! The myriad captivities, I am sure understood by Mason veterans, is so unwillingly unleashed in torrents of drama and fear. I mean this not in an English sense that I had feared it by first sight, rather something beyond emotions that is exceedingly beyond me, but palpable to said video show. At first, a thought can easily perceive: "Cor, what unadulerated crime could've been unleashed in the maturation of drama in mere black-and-white!?" I need not tell you the answer, namely if you've read a single quote; if you are bereft of the marvel that is Perry Mason, persist in the viewing of it, for no review in the terminology of whatever language can fully appreciate the believable acting, and heightened drama -- prepare thyself.
  • The ultimate who done it! A crime drama with the leading character, being the great trial lawyer, Parry Mason.

    With the last show being now 40 years ago, it is still being followed by fans world wide. They have tried two remakes, with the original cast (Raymond Burr as Perry Mason and Barbara Hail as Della Street) having the only success.
    This is the best of the best. A show that would fit in the 21st century as it did when I was a boy in the 1960\'s. I can never wait for the show to run on one of the local PBS stations. They at least run it seven days a week.
  • Perry Mason is the standard courtroom drama series.

    Perry Mason is a well-acted, beautifully photographed and fairly well-written courtroom drama to which all other programs of this genre will be compared. Mason, a sharp, forty-something criminal-defense attorney sometimes takes personal risks to give his clients effective legal representation. With a mind more logical than that of Mr. Spock, he loses only one trial in the entire series. Ably assisted by confidential secretary Della Street (Barbara Hale) and his swinging P.I. Paul Drake (William Hopper) Mason never fails to make D.A. Hamilton Burger (William Talman) lose his cool and veteran cop Lt. Tragg (Ray Collins) grind his teeth. More than a little subversive for the mores of a half-century past, one must wonder how many innocent persons not represented by Mason, particularly those non-rich, non-white or non-Protestant, were sent to the gas chamber. We can only speculate how Mason would respond to today's legal climate of an American gulag archipelago and the use of torture blessed by the Federal judiciary.

    Good in the Eisenhower years, with the barely-suppressed hysteria of the '50s as a thematic backdrop, Perry Mason started to get dull and predictable by 1962. Tragg disappeared after Ray Collins had a stroke and was replaced by the less entertaining Lt. Anderson (Wesley Lau) who seems to have been cloned from Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame. Implausible stories toward the end, such as Mason defends in a communist show-trial. Generally as Mason's hair got thinner and waistline wider, the show worsened.

    Give Perry Mason a look in those episodes which included Ray Collins, particularly the first season. Also check those episodes in which Bette Davis substituted for Mason.

  • Perry Mason is my kind of lawyer.

    I think the story lines of this show transcend time. Almost 50 years after the first show and it still has the same impact as it did then.
    The cleverness of the writing shows through each episode. The actor is genuine. An excellent murder mystery. This is truly a great show and a pleasure to watch.
  • Perry Mason the original attorney who could make a criminal sing the song of confession this real life drama touches the soul so deep you'd think you were the guilty.

    The original Perry Mason, this is a show that not many can stand up to. This show paved the way for the more modern detective shows. Though unmatched in the form of how the cases were solved, the in depth features and the analytical solving is similar to Criminal Intent and CSI. Perry got into the crimnals mind and made them sing a song because the truth shall set you free.Though this show was in black and white you don,t mind because of the colorful characters involved in the show and his cool frame of mind which showed no kind of romance just a loving friendship. Really a classic.
  • The crime-and-court drama all crime-and-court dramas since have hoped to be.

    The crime-and-court drama all crime-and-court dramas since have hoped to be. It showed the cool way to use all the familiar plot devices we now know, and some of its material was considered adult/risqué for its time, and even watching it now, it requires something of the viewer. Gave the audience credit for brains, and the intricately-woven fabric of the triangular-relationship with Perry, Paul, and Della was complicated and satisfying.