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Perry Mason

CBS (ended 1966)



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Perry Mason Fan Reviews (10)

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  • Captivated without a requirment of succession....

    My words have an intensity not available to the English dictionary. There is not a single word that can explain the marvel exhibited from the superb acting that so glimpsed in a single flip of a remote control. Hardly had I even the time to change my preference let alone listen in my perception! The myriad captivities, I am sure understood by Mason veterans, is so unwillingly unleashed in torrents of drama and fear. I mean this not in an English sense that I had feared it by first sight, rather something beyond emotions that is exceedingly beyond me, but palpable to said video show. At first, a thought can easily perceive: "Cor, what unadulerated crime could've been unleashed in the maturation of drama in mere black-and-white!?" I need not tell you the answer, namely if you've read a single quote; if you are bereft of the marvel that is Perry Mason, persist in the viewing of it, for no review in the terminology of whatever language can fully appreciate the believable acting, and heightened drama -- prepare thyself.