Perry Mason - Season 10

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Case of the Lady in the Lake
    A tennis pro is accused of having murdered his wealthy heiress wife who's body was found floating in a lake. Not helping matters any is the fact that the defendant was seen in the arms of his former girlfriend the day before the murder. Now the old galpal has disappeared and it's up to Paul to track her down and Perry to figure things out in court.moreless
  • The Case of the Avenging Ace
    An Air Force officer is convicted of murder. Perry, who is one of his appeal lawyers, finds a new witness for the defense but then this witness is murdered before he can give evidence. Paul, as usual, does the legwork while Perry handles things in the courtroom.
  • The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel
    Perry files suit against a tabloid paper that runs a story about a love affair between him and Della Street. The unscrupulous editor, Harlan Wade, also has dirt files on several other prominent persons but the one who seemingly dislikes him the most is a reporter whom he recently fired. Wade is soon afterwards found floating in his swimming pool shot to death. The reporter gets charged with his murder.moreless
  • The Case of the Murdered Madam
    The woman who hosted a business meeting where a very shady deal was planned turns up dead shortly thereafter. Everything points to her husband, who didn´t know that she used to run a brothel, and who has a violent temper. But his childhood friend, Della Street, comes to his rescue.
  • The Case of the Sinister Spirit
    Book publisher Jordan White is having problems with one of his authors, an unbalanced assclown named David Hall. Hall has written a book which not only defames White but also an astrologer, a psychic, and a B-movie actress famous for her work in slasher movies. All four are invited to spend a bizarre evening in a deserted hotel during which Hall is bumped off. Jordan White calls in old friend Perry when he is charged with the killing.moreless
  • The Case of the Lost Love
    Perry must defend the husband of an old flame from a murder charge. This one is a real hornet's nest and the truth of the matter could be devastating to Perry.
  • The Case of the Shooting Star
    An actor/director shoots one of his friends in cold blood in live television, but is very surprised when the friend dies, since he thought that the gun was loaded with blanks. But there is a witness who watched the gun constantly, so there can be no tampering. Or... can there? Meanwhile, Paul has to fend off a female reporter who seems to follow him everywhere.moreless
  • The Case of the Notorious Nun
    A nun stands trial for murdering a priest whom she worked very closely with, and the evidence are dire: a letter from her asking him to take her back, a lover´s quarrel, and there seems to be no sign of the mysterious priest whom she claims drugged her at the crime scene. Paul finds a special bond with her, even if it means that he has to look through the trash and freeze his tail off.moreless
  • Perry Mason Returns
    Della Street, Perry Mason's former secretary, now works for Arthur Gordon, a millionaire businessman. On Gordon's birthday, his family throws him a surprise party and he, in turn, gives them a surprise: he is disinheriting them.

    Later that night someone breaks into the Gordon mansion - it's a man wearing a dress. He kills Gordon and the maid sees him as he leaves. The police then investigate and discover that someone who knew the gate entry code was the killer or gave it to the killer. And when they discover that Della Street knew the code, they go to her house, and they find a dress similar to the one the maid saw torn up and dirty. They also found an earring which Della says is hers that she probably misplaced. They then arrest her, and she then asks her old friend, Perry Mason, who is now an appellate court judge, to recommend someone who can defend her. Mason says that the best person who can defend her is him. So he resigns.from the bench to defend his erstwhile secretary. Needing a private investigator, the son of old friend Paul Drake, Paul Jr. is also called into the case. It's takes some hard plowing but Perry and Company eventually get to the bottom of things.moreless