Perry Mason - Season 11

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Case of the Killer Kiss
    Mark Stratton, a soap opera star, is murdered on set whilst kissing his co-star. When one of the soap cast is accused of murder, Perry comes to her aid, but it seems almost everyone had a reason to kill, but the real answer might be linked to a mysterious man who Ken Malansky is trying to trace. Only there and then can the true killer be exposed.moreless
  • The Case of the Telltale Talk Show Host
    A nasty radio station manager is murdered. All of the talk show hosts working at the station despised him but when the wrong one (the psychologist) gets charged with the crime, you know who appears for the defense.
  • The Case of the Skin-Deep Scandal
    A cosmetics queen announces she's discovered an anti-aging formula. After a robbery attempt, she takes the formula to her home safe. Then she's found murdered and the formula is stolen. Her husband is charged with the crime and it's Perry and Company to the rescue once more.
  • The Case of the Heartbroken Bride
    Perry is invited to the wedding of the daughter of yet another old friend. An uncle of the bride turns up dead at the wedding, and Perry, Della, and Ken Malansky must investigate.
  • The Case of the Reckless Romeo
    Geraldo Rivera gets gunned down in this episode about a slimy "journalist" who has written a tell all book about all the women he's laid in the past. Naturally, one of them does away with him and the wrong person is blamed.
  • The Case of the Fatal Framing
    A famous painter fakes his death in order to drive up the value of his paintings, but turns up dead for real.
  • The Case of the Fatal Fashion
    A very well known editor of a fashion magazine has made her reputation on writing assassin columns about famous people. The editor of another fashion magazine has learned that the next column will be about her, and she tries several times to convince the other one not to publish. Then, the editor is found dead and she becomes the prime suspect. Because she's a close friend, Perry decides to defend her.moreless
  • The Case of the Glass Coffin
    Assistant Kate Ford tells world-famous magician David Katz that she's pregnant with his child on the date he's supposed to put on a benefit show for charity. At the show a trick goes wrong and nasty Katie assumes room temperature. The magician is blamed and ends up on trial.
  • The Case of the Maligned Mobster
    This time Perry takes on a mobster client who's been wrongfully accused of murdering his wife.
  • The Case of the Ruthless Reporter
    Nasty TV anchorman Brett Huston is murdered and it seems as though nearly everyone at the TV station where he was employed had a motive. As usual, the wrong person gets charged with the crime, and it's up to Perry, Della, and Ken Malansky to set things straight.
  • The Case of the Defiant Daughter
    David Benson breaks into a Las Vegas poker party being hosted by Richard Stuart. Benson blames Stuart for the death of his brother and attempts to shoot him but is overpowered and tossed out of the room on his ass. However, Stuart is shot with Benson's gun later that night.
  • The Case of the Silenced Singer
    Once again there's a hired killer on the premises as Perry defends the husband of a famous pop singer who was killed soon after the two had a huge argument.
  • The Case of the Desperate Deception
    Perry and Company travel to France to defend the son of an old friend who is accused of murdering a former SS officer. A missing witness holds the key to the case.
  • The Case of the Poisoned Pen
    An author who constantly plagiarized the works of others is poisoned to death at a convention. His ex-wife, an old friend of Della's, is charged with the crime.
  • The Case of the All-Star Assassin
    A pro hockey player is charged with murdering the owner of his former team who had reneged on a promise to take care of the player in case of injury.
  • The Case of the Musical Murder
    A tyrannical theatre director is murdered and an underling whom he'd recently fired is blamed. Perry, who has been hospitalized for surgery, is the defendant's alibi but his testimony gets discredited because he was under the influence of sedatives at the time.
  • The Case of the Lethal Lesson
    Ken Malansky becomes a regular character on the series and he's in a heap of trouble. While taking a law school class being taught by Perry, a friend informs Ken that his sweetheart was assaulted by a fellow student. Ken impulsively rushes to confront the fellow student in the law school's mock courtroom only to find him stabbed to death. What's even worse is that the murder weapon is Ken's very own knife.moreless