Perry Mason - Season 6

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • The Case of the Witless Witness
    A judge is accused of murdering a government witness who planned to expose him as a crook. The question thus becomes--is he a crook?
  • The Case of the Potted Planter
    A jealous husband is teased into a tizzy after being led on by his sister's lies. Perry steps in when the wrong man is charged with the husband's murder.
  • The Case of the Skeleton's Closet
    Perry defends the ex-wife of an author who got murdered after writing a lurid expose about life in a suburban town.
  • The Case of the Greek Goddess
    Mason is hired by a sculptor charged with murdering the overbearing mother of his model.
  • The Case of the Elusive Element
    A promoter's plan to frame his wife and business partner for embezzlement fails, but they're arrested anyway for his murder.
  • The Case of the Lover's Leap
    Slippery Roy Comstock attempts to swindle his partner, Peter Brent, fake his own suicide, and disappear with his slutty wife. Comstock's plans come a cropper when he's discovered murdered. Peter Brent is accused of the crime and it's Perry to the rescue once again.
  • The Case of the Velvet Claws
    A photographer snaps a picture of politico Harrison Burke and a married woman, Eva Belter, as they leave a local gambling establishment. Eva goes to Perry for help and tells him that a scandal sheet called Spicy Bits is blackmailing her. Unknown to Perry or Eva, the publication is owned by Eva's husband, George Belter, who is a real nasty mother. Perry has words with George threatening a lawsuit over publication of the photos but later gets a call from Eva that her husband has been shot.moreless
  • The Case of the Lawful Lazarus
    When a man declared legally dead suddenly re-appears and tries to get a hold of his dying wife's money in order to protect their children's interests her entire family rallies against him until one of them turns up murdered. "Lazarus" is naturally charged with the crime.
  • The Case of the Golden Oranges
    Mason goes to the dogs when his defense of a murder suspect hinges on a surprise witness--a dog named Hard Tack. It seems as though Hard Tack holds the key to the murder of a developer who wanted to bulldoze the orange groves of the uncle of Perry's client.
  • The Case of the Surplus Suitor
    Attorney Sherman Hatfield is sought out by a blackmail-plagued industrialist and winds up defending his ditzy niece when the man is discovered murdered.
  • The Case of the Two-Faced Turnabout
    Columnist Elihu Laban is hit with a murder rap when his efforts to obtain secret papers backfire. It's up to entertainment lawyer Bruce Jason to defend him due to Perry's absence.
  • The Case of the Libelous Locket
    Edward Lindley, a law professor who normally disdains trial attorneys as showboats, has to become the thing he despises when one of his students is slapped with a murder rap.
  • The Case of Constant Doyle
    Recently widowed attorney Constant Doyle comes to the aid of a young man charged with breaking into a factory and assaulting the night watchman. Later, she has to clear the young man of a murder charge as well as clear the reputation of her late husband.
  • The Case of the Prankish Professor
    On trial: the estranged wife of a professor who's written a lurid novel which was a thinly veiled version of the private lives of several persons associated with the college where he taught. Which one offed the nutty prof?
  • The Case of the Bluffing Blast
    A young girl searching for the father she has never seen seeks Mason's help when she's charged with murder.
  • The Case of the Shoplifter's Shoe
    A chronic shoplifter later finds herself charged with murder. Her niece hires Perry for the defense.
  • The Case of the Polka-Dot Pony
    A wealthy woman is confronted by two girls who claim to be the daughters she was forced to abandon 20 years before.
  • The Case of the Fickle Filly
    When Jennifer is alone after her father's heart attack, her only friend is her filly Tiger Lily. She's penniless until a present from her late father is dropped in her lap, but it turns out that the present is worthless, although Brad Shelby did pay $50,000 in order to capitalize on it.moreless
  • The Case of the Lurid Letter
    A young widowed high school English teacher in a small town is accused via letter of making passes and more towards some of her male students. But a small town is small town and it seems that all the key figures are involved somehow, the principal, the lawyer, the doctor, the local barkeep, and of course the oldest boy, who's really more of a man, in the high school.moreless
  • The Case of the Weary Watchdog
    This is the episode where Della asks Perry how far he would go for a friend and then asks for $25,000. Della needs the money for her friend Janet Brent, who is being blackmailed. Edward Franklin, an employee of Janet's husband, has staged compromising photos of her in a motel. At a party, Janet confronts Franklin and hits him with a small statue of a "weary watchdog." The police arrest Della when they find her driving Janet's car from the scene of the argument. Franklin is dead, struck three times on the head with the statue. Janet claims she only hit him once and Perry believes her. Perry takes the case knowing that if he loses, Della will go to prison as an accessory. There is a surprise in the plot, when a Red Chinese slave market is uncovered.moreless
  • The Case of the Stand-In Sister
    Two brothers at separate times have claimed the same young girl as their daughter. One brother owns a fleet of tuna boats; the other is a mobster. Then banker Franz Moray reveals that $100,000.00 due to the girl via a trust fund has been mishandled. When Moray is found murdered Perry steps in and discovers an old family secret.moreless
  • The Case of the Unsuitable Uncle
    An unscrupulous uncle, who is in reality the father of his niece, returns home from the sea seeking money from the sale of oil leases on his land. When the uncle is found murdered, his shipmate is charged with the crime.
  • The Case of the Dodging Domino
    Phil Schuyler is a two bit songwriter who comes to a bad end on Halloween night. Someone enters his bungalow while Phil is taking a bath and tosses an electric heater into his tub thus turning him into a crispy critter. Damian White, husband of a famous musical comedy star, was seen entering the bungalow around the approximate time of the murder by an eyewitness. But what about all the trick or treaters?moreless
  • The Case of the Hateful Hero
    Young cop Jimmy Anderson, cousin of Lt. Anderson, and veteran Otto Norden come across a robbery at the Wilson Plastics Company while on patrol one night. A shooting occurs and Otto is killed. Evidence then points to Jimmy as having been an accomplice in the burglary and he is suspended from the police force. Then the night watchman at Wilson Plastics, a disgraced ex-cop, is found strangled to death. Lt. Anderson then asks Perry to look into things and defend Jimmy against all charges.moreless
  • The Case of the Double-Entry Mind
    Timid bookkeeper Clem Sandover is irate when his long term embezzlement scheme is discovered by a fellow employee at his company but when the employee turns up dead Sandover's wife, Beth, is charged with the crime.
  • The Case of the Playboy Pugilist
    Boxing trainer Jimmy West thinks he's finally found a championship contender in Davey Carroll. Unfortunately, Davey has a hard time keeping it in his pants and his tangled love life leads to Jimmy being charged with murder.
  • The Case of the Capricious Corpse
    Carleton Gage, a major financial supporter of an orphanage, wants to keep it open but lapses into a coma and later assumes room temperature. Gage's assclown nephew, George, wants to close the orphanage and he is being secretly aided by Ernest Demming. Joanne Proctor, Carleton's sister-in-law, wants to keept the orphanage open but her good intentions are complicated by the murder of Demming.moreless
  • The Case of the Bogus Books
    Perry and the team investigate the murder of an antiquarian bookseller with an interest in forgery. It seems as though someone turned on the gas line to his office and offed the old boy when he was taking his afternoon nap. When one of his employees is charged with the crime Perry must come to the rescue once again.moreless