Perry Mason - Season 7

CBS (ended 1966)




Episode Guide

  • 5/21/64

    The deceased father of Alice Trilling left behind a strange will. His successful toy company would be left to her ONLY if Alice is married or engaged within a year's time. Until then, her wheelchair bound Uncle Harry and a board of directors will run the company. In searching for a husband, Alice has one major problem: she's unattractive and she's the first one to admit it. An artist begins a flirtation and after seeing a portrait he's painted of her, Alice begins to think she could find happiness with him. There's one problem though: nasty old Uncle Harry has been playing matchmaker behind the scenes for reasons of his own. Alice discovers her uncle's perfidy and pushes over his wheelchair. Quickly fleeing the scene, Alice is later arrested when Uncle Harry is found dead. Perry is retained as defense counsel but even he has a tough time in this one because Alice herself thinks she's guilty.

  • 5/14/64
    Irma Hodge's wealthy step-father, Sumner Hodge, is withholding her inheritance because he dislikes her folksinger boyfriend, Con Bolton. When someone supposedly takes a shot at Sumner, he suggest to the police that Con is to blame. Then another attempt is made on Sumner's life which proves successful. His car goes over a cliff with him behind the wheel and an investigation reveals that the brake line had been severed. Witnesses then claim Con was fooling around with the brakes minutes before the crash and he's charged with murder.moreless
  • 5/7/64

    Small town junk dealer/mayoral candidate Mort Lynch gives college dropout Barry Davis a job because he was once close friends with Barry's uncle. Barry and Mort's relationship is uneasy and he's soon the number one suspect when someone bashes Mort's skull with a monkey wrench and it's found in Barry's car. Perry enters the case to defend Barry and discovers that the case hinges on a 20-year-old counterfeiting scheme involving Barry's late uncle and a few "prominent" citizens in the town.

  • The Case of the Careless Kidnapper
    A kidnapping hoax leads to murder when the ransom note gets into the wrong hands.
  • The Case of the Antic Angel

    William Sherwood catches glimpses of his wife, who has been dead for five years, and starts drinking again. When she turns up dead a second time, the police arrest him for her murder.

  • 4/9/64
    Mason is hired by a woman who is convinced, after a series of bizarre events, that she's crazy.
  • 4/2/64
    Actress Ramona Carver is confronted by a young man who claims to be the son she gave up for adoption. Murder soon results.
  • 3/26/64
    Certain that her employer is plotting to murder his wife, housekeeper Nellie Conway launches a counterattack.
  • 3/12/64
    A woman goes on trial for murder when a fortuneteller's deadly prediction becomes a reality.
  • 3/5/64

    A tabloid reporter accuses a retired chief of burning his own warehouse down. Perry gets involved when the chief is charged with the reporter's murder.

  • 2/27/64

    Chemist Randolph James has started a successful company to develop a new antibiotic but his former boss, Hudson Bradshaw, files suit claiming that James developed the formula while in his employ. James' wife, Natalie, then begins selling her stock to Bradshaw which would give him control of the new company. James vows to stop his wife at any cost and she turns up dead. James claims that he was fishing at the time the murder occurred but things turn bad when he can't find the fellow fisherman who can substantiate his story.

  • A Frenchman, Philippe Bertain, is giving money to an old lady love from his hometown, unaware that she's sharing the cash with her husband. When her husband turns up murdered, Philippe is charged with the crime.

  • The Case of the Nervous Neighbor
    Mason's client: an amnesia victim on trial for the murder of her husband.
  • 2/6/64

    20-year-old Deborah Dearborn has just written a best-selling novel about a cold and calculating woman who bears a strong resemblance to her boyfriend's stepmother. Now Deborah is living at a beach house in Malibu and in the process of selling the rights to her book to a movie producer. Then the stepmother, Stephanie Carew, appears on the scene threatening to sue for libel. Stephanie turns up dead and it initially appears to be an accidental drowning, but the coroner soon confirms that it's murder and Deborah is arrested.

  • The Case of the Ice-Cold Hands

    A woman asks Perry to cash winning racing tickets for her. When her ex-employer comes forward and insists that the tickets belong to him, he soon turns up dead and Perry's client is arrested for the murder.

  • 1/16/64
    Mystery clouds Mason's search for the murderer of a photographer who was shot while a model pointed a loaded gun at him but didn't pull the trigger.
  • 1/9/64

    Edward Lewis's increasingly bitter arguments with his father-in-law make him the suspect when the old man is murdered.

  • 1/2/64

    An insurance investigator informs a wife that her husband was wrongfully convicted of the crime that he was convicted of. However, then he turns up dead.

  • 12/19/63
    Brothers Martin and Todd Baylor are feuding over ownership of a successful chain of clothing stores. Martin ends up with a knife sticking out of his back one night and Todd is charged with the murder.
  • 12/12/63
    Grover Johnson manages somehow to talk his much younger bride Eula into living with him on a barren spread of ranch land. Needless to say, Eula hates it and can't wait to sell the property. Along comes wealthy Texas Nelson Barcliff who's ready, willing, and able to purchase the property. But is this big Texan really who he appears to be? Or is it just an elaborate real estate swindle cooked up by Eula? Either way, both Eula and Barcliff end up dead and Grover finds himself charged with Eula's murder.moreless
  • 12/5/63
    Three JD teens cruise Hollywood Boulevard in a cool convertible lookin' for kicks! A liquor store goes down and the blackmail and plot twists begin. Lies and more lies and it's going from bad to worse for young Timmy Balfour who soon discovers that there's every bit as much delinquency from the adults when he's charged with murder.moreless
  • 11/28/63
    Wealthy but dying Bebe Brent gives the bulk of her estate to her loyal nurse. Needless to say, this act angers the remainder of the Brent clan and leads to a murder.
  • 11/21/63

    Julie Eng needs Perry's help when some precious stones her grandfather left her turn up missing, and the thief who swiped them, Ralph Iverson, ends up dead.

  • 11/14/63

    Gwynn Elston's best friend, Nell Grimes, asks her to move in with her due to the fact that Nell's husband, Felton, is often out of town on business. Gwynn, who has a door-to-door sales job, is then astonished to see Felton's picture in someone else's house where he's known as Frank Gillette. Felton, who's really a nasty mother, tries to poison Gwynn, when she confronts him but she survives and runs to Perry for help. Then Felton is found shot to death and things go from bad to worse for poor Gwynn--she gets arrested for the crime.

  • The Case of the Reluctant Model
    Crude but wealthy art connisseur Otto Olney throws a party to celebrate his purchasing a painting by famed artist Gauguin. Then a party guest, art expert Colin Durant, says that the painting is actually a fake. Olney then goes to Perry who decides to sue Durant for libel. Durant then claims he never said anything regarding the painting and the only witness, an art student named Maxine Lindsay, confirms his story. Perry then discovers the dead body of Austin Durant, fully clothed, in the shower of Maxine's apartment. Paul Drake then tracks down Maxine but the police are right behind him and they arrest her for murder. Guess who she hires to defend her?moreless
  • 10/24/63
    Perry has to defend the dean of a prep school on charges of murdering a teacher who had been stealing, embezzling, and blackmailing.
  • 10/17/63
    Janice Barton is found guilty of the murder of her wealthy relative and sentenced to death. Can Perry find the evidence to clear her of the crime before the pellets in the gas chamber fall?
  • 10/10/63
    This case has nothing to do with mosquitos but rather a hidden mine that could lead to a fortune. Plus murder.
  • 10/3/63
    John Flickenger pulls off a carefully planned robbery without a hitch - until his young nephew finds the gun used in the heist.
  • 9/26/63
    Con artist John Brooks comes up with a new twist to convince Sophia and Ninevah Stone that he's the rightful heir to their fortune. Perry ends up reluctantly defending Brooks when he's charged with murder.