Perry Mason

Season 9 Episode 24

The Case of the Fanciful Frail

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 27, 1966 on CBS

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    According to 265

    There were parts edited out of this epsiode in which it tells of a meeting between Strickland, Carrarthurs plus the summary above in which Ethel telephones Strickland which could explains why he was in Peggy'a apartment when he was killed ; either he was looking for the 51,000 Peggy had-not knowing Ethel gave it to Perry MAson; aparently Millgrave also thinks the conterfeit 51,000 is also in Peggy Arpartment. Alternativley the reason Strickland was in Peggy Apratment is that he was looking for the wedding ring that he had bought for Ethel-which would have proved Ethel Story that he had bought the engagement ring! addional note the IMB summary Goofs at 0673255/trivia?ref_=tt_trv_trv claims that Sutton was murdered; actually this is mistaken she was killed in the car accident-since the hired thug Milgrave hired to go after Sutton mistakes Ethel for Peggy! It also claims this is one of two epsiodes where the murderer goes free--in fact in the other one is apparently The Case of the Wayward wife-at the end Mason consults with the real killer;, Mason advises Lt Tragg that the real killer-who is mortally ill-acted in Self defense; Tragg accepts the explantion! 82