Perry Mason

Season 2 Episode 16

The Case of the Fraudulent Foto

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 07, 1959 on CBS

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  • Brander Harris is trying to solve the Northport Hospital Gaft.He's charged with murder in the process and turns to Perry Mason for help.Perry not only exposes those involved,but exposes the real muderer in the process.

    This is an excellent episode about corruption in
    government---in this case county government.
    There is an attempt to frame the Waring County
    District Attorney.The one quote that stands out
    is Perry's comment to Brander Harris "Smear tactics can be very effective at times,especially
    against young,career-minded district attorneys."
    The way Perry exposes the corrution in the Graft
    is downright superb.For instance,Perry getting
    the inspector to admit after asking about six and
    one-half tons of steel cable "Only one truckload
    of steel cable was delivered to the site,Mr.Mason." Obviously the prospectus on the
    Northport Hospital was a false one that enabled
    raking off money from false demands of money
    that is not neeeded.In fact,Perry got the
    County Auditor through this same steel cable
    report to admit through not denying it(he bowed
    his head in shame)of his involvement.Then Perry
    exposed the contractor,George Fairbanks,who
    admitted being the mastermind of the graft.
    Later Perry exposes the real murderer in
    true Perry Mason for.The key was when Eva Scott
    broke down and admitted lying about a flat tire.
    She was covering up a minor auto accident,but in
    doing so,Perry is able to prove who was the
    real murderer.
    This is an episode for the brainy,so I
    understand why less intelligent reviewers don't
    rate it with an 8 like me.But I think the
    episode is excellent.