Perry Mason

Season 2 Episode 21

The Case of the Lost Last Act

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Mar 21, 1959 on CBS

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  • Ernest Royce is a successful theatrical writer. Frank Brooks is an ex-gangster whose girlfriend is in a play of Royce's.Royce bases his play on the murder of a gangster.When Royce is murdered, Brooks is charged.Perry Mason has

    The story is pretty good.It is about a play
    based on the murder of a gangster that a man
    writes---and he is murdered exactly the way his
    play goes.An ex-gangster who now runs a chain of
    hamburger restaurants is charged with the murder,
    but when Perry shows that the murder went exactly
    the way his play was written,the real murderer
    is exposed.
    An above average episode.