Perry Mason

Season 2 Episode 7

The Case of the Married Moonlighter

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 08, 1958 on CBS

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    A red Herring epsiode-with two obvious suspects who did not kill the victium!

    Poor Mrs Harrison is in quite a bind :

    1) If she stays with him-they stay in poverty due to his stupid and stubborn refusal to become an engineer and remain a teacher at a poor school!

    2} if she divorces her husband-she and the child will probably get little to no alimony conserering that her husband cant even keep up household payments-let alone medical expiences for their daugther!

    She has only two hopes for her daugther:

    3} constitute divorce proceedings to force her husband to realize that he has to give up teaching and become an enginner to support his wife and child

    4} Constitute divorce proceedings and take her child and live on her family farm and find someone who can support her child with a well paying job.


    1} is growing intolerable for her and her child sake

    2) leaving her worse off than before

    3) Her husband is too stubborn to quit his low paying teaching job

    4) Her last and best hope
  • Luck of the draw this is what I called you can't dwell on someone

    The reason that this case earned a 7.3 because you wouldn't think a defense attorney wouldn't needed to think fast about who to pin. but you can't always get so lucky about who ever is the real guilty person but that the magic of Perry Mason for y'all a leather book with an IOU as the tip off
  • A moonlighting teacher is charged with the murder of an old acquaintence.

    Danny Harrison has to work at two jobs to
    support his wife and baby girl who has a bad leg.
    His wife is at wits end and wants a divorce.
    He encounters at his evening job at Luke's cafe
    an old acquaintence,Frank Curran.Problem is,
    Frank is drunk,and gets violent,and when Luke
    wants to call the police,Danny intercedes for
    his friend and takes Frank home.But the next day,
    Frank is found dead at his apartment,and Danny
    is charged with Frank's murder.Perry Mason comes
    to the rescue and with assistance of his
    reliable private eye Paul Drake,the real murderer
    is revealed.Danny does not have to pay the
    lawyer's fees because of his predicament.
    An above average episode.
  • A moonlighting teacher is charged with the murder of an acquaintence who had earlier raised a disturbance at the cafe he works at in the nighttime hours

    Danny Harrison is a school teacher who works
    nights at Luke's cafe.He needs money to pay the
    medical expenses for his daughter whose leg is
    lame.His wife wants him to quit his teaching job
    and go to work as an engineer.His foolish pride
    does not allow him to do this.While working at
    Luke's cafe,an old acquaintence,Frank Curran,
    stops in.He orders chili,but calls it slop when
    he eats the first mouthful.He gets mad and knocks
    the bowl of it on the floor.Luke Hickey,the
    owner,angrily tells him he will not only pay for it,but clean it up as well.Danny offers to take
    Frank home---and is charged with murder when
    Frank is later found murdered.Perry Mason helps
    to expose the real murderer.
    The best Perry Mason episode ever.