Perry Mason

Season 1 Episode 39

The Case of the Rolling Bones

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Jun 28, 1958 on CBS

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  • When Daniel Reed escapes from an asylum he's been put in by his devious nephew, he finds himself charged with murdering a man who was blackmailing him. Fortunately Perry comes to the rescue.

    Based on an original mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner, this was well adapted and makes a good mystery with a number of twists and turns. Edger Stehi is good as Daniel Reed, the old man who is accused of being senile so his unscrupulous nephew Willard Scott (NOT the weatherman, but Arthur Space) and his wife Arlene (Mary Anderson) can get ahold of his wealth. Kitty Kelly is also good as his girlfriend/wife Millie. Judges on this show are usually limited to allowing or overruling objections, but Richard Caines as Judge Tredwell gets to play a major part in this one and puts in a memorable performance. Interesting note: apparantly Burger has bugged Mason's office, but there doesn't seem to be anything illegal about it!
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