Perry Mason

Season 2 Episode 17

The Case of the Romantic Rogue

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Feb 14, 1959 on CBS

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  • An heiress to her uncle's fortune is charged with the murder of a female private investigator.

    Helen Harvey is an heiress to her late uncle's fortune.
    She meets and falls in love with a con artist named
    Stacy Chandler.Helen's aunt,Florence Harvey,hires a
    private investigator,Irene Wallace, to expose Chandler,but instead Helen takes the bait.When Irene Wallace is found
    murdered, Helen is charged with her murder and Perry Mason
    is hired to defend her.Mason maintains that the disappearence of Harry West's wife is connected with
    the murder and Mason and private eye Paul Drake try a
    maneuver of digging up earth on some property West owns
    and getting West to confess to the murder.It is discovered
    through his confession that he had murdered his wife and
    Helen's uncle.
    Great episode.
  • An heiress to her uncle's fortune is charged with killing a female private eye in searching for her uncle.

    Stacy Chandler is a con-artist who was trying to
    fleece Helen Harvey of her money,but falls in love
    with her instead.When a female private eye
    says she knows where her uncle is in order to
    trap Stacy,instead of Stacy,it's Helen who goes
    to see the private eye.They get into an altercation in which Helen is ejected from the
    woman's bungalow.Helen is charged with murder
    when the woman is found dead.Perry Mason then
    helps Helen clear up three murders in one.
    Gene Wang does a tremendous job in writing
    this episode,considering that he was an ex-lawyer,
    and the result is an excellent episode with a
    dramatic revelation of the real murderer.
  • An heiress to her uncle's fortune attempts to find her uncle based on an ex-con artist's tips. It leads her to a bungalow where a female private detective, hired by her aunt,was waiting for that con artist.The heiress,in inquir

    I never thought a lawyer had the imagination and
    the capacity to write such a good story.Yet,
    Gene Wang did just that in this episode.The
    story is about a girl who gets involved with
    an ex-con artist.When she finds out that he is
    a con artist,at first she is hurt,but when that
    con artist tells her that a female private
    detective may have the answer to the disappearence
    of her uncle,she knows he's being true and goes
    to the bungalow where the detective is staying.
    They quarrel,and when later the detective is
    found strangled to death,she is the suspect.
    Perry Mason then defends her.Later it is found
    that a carpenter whose wife had become involved
    with her uncle committed not only the murder,
    but murdered his wife and her uncle.
    Both the court action and the emotional
    confession of the murderer are a standout in
    this episode,as is the plot of a con artist
    going straight.An excellent episode.