Perry Mason

Season 9 Episode 25

The Case of the Unwelcome Well

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Apr 03, 1966 on CBS

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  • The money man

    My favorite episode, because it spotlights the mindset of the oil barons. The most unforgettable line of the entire Perry Mason series comes when oil baron Jerome Klee (Wendell Corey) decides to cap the new well owned by Jason Rohan, saying pumping the oil now could lower the price. Since Rohan has already spent money from the oil, capping the well could bankrupt him and cause him to lose his land. But Perry had already convinced Rohan to sell the oil on his land to Klee, who was Perry's corporate client. Perry is outraged at his client's behavior, and asks him "What kind of a man are you?" Klee replies, "a money man" "How much money do you want?" asks Perry. Klee replies, "If I can get it, all there is!"

    He was used to stepping on others to get his way, even breaking his father's jaw, who was the last person who dared to tell him what to do. All his associates and colleagues hate him. Klee challenges them, saying that they don't have the courage to knock me off. Finally, one of them does, but it's not Perry's new client-- the oil rigger who had discovered oil on Rohan's land, and who wanted to pump it.