Perry Mason

Season 6 Episode 28

The Case of the Witless Witness

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM May 16, 1963 on CBS

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  • The Cup That Runneth Not Over

    Judge Redmond had never been overturned by a higher court. Thus, it was his impression that his cup runneth over with approval and accuracy. Suddenly he found himself in a bind involving "fraud" upon the Government. Because courts around the world refuse to define "fraud," the sweat poured from Judge Redmond's forehead. But his secretary of 20 years, quickly grasped the seriousness of the accusations and informed Mason that the Judge was in serious trouble. Before Mason could find out how much trouble, Judge Redmond was arrested for the murder of one of the witnesses. Because no papers or contract existed, Drake informed Mason he could not find fraud. Mason then went to work on the witnesses--eventually exposing the true murderer of the witness and another man. As always, this was brilliant work on Mason's part. Fast paced and down to the wire.