Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2013 on CBS
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    Person of Interest "2-Pi-R" Review: Subtracting Reese Multiplies Problems

    Does CBS's hit show work when one of its big guns is out of the picture? Not really.

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    The team's newest Person of Interest is a teen genius and Finch goes undercover as a substitute teacher to protect him. Meanwhile, Carter takes on her first assignment as a temp agent for the FBI.

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    • Very poignant episode

      Finch's field day as a substitute teacher is very impressive.

      Finch demonstrates how much compassion he has. He is a very great character that has good morals and a moral compass that moves the show. He drives the show because of his programming design to make the Machine save life. To never put one life ahead of another. I guess what I am saying is the show POI depends on Finch. Reese is a great character and trying to rehabilitate from his past deeds. But this was a Finch-centric episode and a damn good one.moreless
    • good episode but needed more Reese

      I hope the teenage boy becomes a recurring character as well as the young asian man from 2 prior episodes. Loved that there was more Fusco but the episode didn't not have enough Reese. I liked the plot and some insights it provided about Harold's past.

      The computer teacher being good took me for surprise (both AHS and POI surprised me this week whereas most shows are predictable even though entertaining)

      Harold would be an excellent teacher~~at least for gifted and talented students but he seemed to capture the attention of the rest of the students. Regardless he is better at helping people whose number is up (but was still good at getting through to students).

      I missed Bear in the episode (and not enough Reese~how many times can I say that~lol). Also it didn't show or mention how Fusco took care of the drug dealers after the teen.

      I'd say good episode (mainly the POI plot in this episodes) but not great overall. Still better then most shows on TVmoreless
    • Ok Finch, next time i will use Atomic variables!

      There's a big mistake in this show is when they talk to the ego, useless punch lines, women smiling without a reason, Reese acting like he can't be killed. So in this episode, I think that having a genius is not a good idea, especially in CS, the domain of Finch.

      I see more the machine as an excuse to force technology to face up to people's problems, and a way to talk about the link between thinking/knowing what will happen(information society), and the necessary actions.

      The episode is sometimes interesting because Reese and Finch have some hard time understanding what it is all about, but I'm a bit deceived because of Finch not having to try hard, and the situation gives him the occasion to be pedantic, with boring math/computer science references.

    • Whatever happened to the drug dealers?

      I am very confused. Last time we see them they are going to kill the boy, they jump into their cars and... dissapear into another dimension? Or they run into Fusco, who Reeses them out?

      Or maybe the story is still open and we see more of it in the future?

      It would be nice to know. It would be a pity that a good show like POI had made the mistake of forgeting to close an open thread.

      Anyway, taking this aside, it was a good episode. Not one of the best, but good enough.

      Ah, BTW, thank you Finch for freeing the internet.moreless
    • cant watch full episodes

      I have but I cannot watch full episodes of person of interest. Otherwise its great I say 90%
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      • Finch: Which means that contained within this string of decimals is every single other number. Your birth date, combination to your locker, your Social Security number. It's all in there somewhere. and if you convert these decimals into letters, you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination. The first syllable you spoke as a baby, the name of your latest crush. Your entire life story from beginning to end. Everything we ever say or do... all of the world's infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle. Now, what you do with that information... what it's good for... well, that would be up to you.

      • Fusco: (to Finch) Hey, I'm checking on the boy genius. Not you, the other one.

      • Finch: I hope you have your service weapon with you, Detective.
        Fusco: Yeah, I got you a machine gun too.

      • Finch: May I remind you that of the many things I'm equipped to do, pursuit would not be chief among them.

      • Finch: Your mistakes, like mine, are part of who you are now. You can't move on from that. Believe me. I've made a sizable number. But... sometimes your mistakes can surprise you. My biggest mistake, for instance... brought me here. At exactly this moment when you might need some help.

      • Caleb: Yeah? Then what's the use. We're just gonna keep breaking things... over and over. Why not save everyone the grief?
        Finch: The thing about the world is that it doesn't have any extra pieces. It's like pi. It contains everything. ou remove a single piece... no circle. Your recklessness, your mistakes, are the reason why, when they say, "You can't change the world," you won't listen. The world is better off with both of us in it, Caleb, rather than the alternative.

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