Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 03, 2013 on CBS

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  • Very poignant episode

    Finch's field day as a substitute teacher is very impressive.

    Finch demonstrates how much compassion he has. He is a very great character that has good morals and a moral compass that moves the show. He drives the show because of his programming design to make the Machine save life. To never put one life ahead of another. I guess what I am saying is the show POI depends on Finch. Reese is a great character and trying to rehabilitate from his past deeds. But this was a Finch-centric episode and a damn good one.
  • good episode but needed more Reese

    I hope the teenage boy becomes a recurring character as well as the young asian man from 2 prior episodes. Loved that there was more Fusco but the episode didn't not have enough Reese. I liked the plot and some insights it provided about Harold's past.

    The computer teacher being good took me for surprise (both AHS and POI surprised me this week whereas most shows are predictable even though entertaining)

    Harold would be an excellent teacher~~at least for gifted and talented students but he seemed to capture the attention of the rest of the students. Regardless he is better at helping people whose number is up (but was still good at getting through to students).

    I missed Bear in the episode (and not enough Reese~how many times can I say that~lol). Also it didn't show or mention how Fusco took care of the drug dealers after the teen.

    I'd say good episode (mainly the POI plot in this episodes) but not great overall. Still better then most shows on TV
  • Ok Finch, next time i will use Atomic variables!

    There's a big mistake in this show is when they talk to the ego, useless punch lines, women smiling without a reason, Reese acting like he can't be killed. So in this episode, I think that having a genius is not a good idea, especially in CS, the domain of Finch.

    I see more the machine as an excuse to force technology to face up to people's problems, and a way to talk about the link between thinking/knowing what will happen(information society), and the necessary actions.

    The episode is sometimes interesting because Reese and Finch have some hard time understanding what it is all about, but I'm a bit deceived because of Finch not having to try hard, and the situation gives him the occasion to be pedantic, with boring math/computer science references.

  • Whatever happened to the drug dealers?

    I am very confused. Last time we see them they are going to kill the boy, they jump into their cars and... dissapear into another dimension? Or they run into Fusco, who Reeses them out?

    Or maybe the story is still open and we see more of it in the future?

    It would be nice to know. It would be a pity that a good show like POI had made the mistake of forgeting to close an open thread.

    Anyway, taking this aside, it was a good episode. Not one of the best, but good enough.

    Ah, BTW, thank you Finch for freeing the internet.
  • cant watch full episodes

    I have but I cannot watch full episodes of person of interest. Otherwise its great I say 90%
  • Didn't expect it but loved it

    I must admit that I'm a fan of shows that change pace or atmosphere (in this case main characters .

    I started watching, expecting a Reese centric episode, and found myself in a Reese-less one. Kind of liked it... tv shows don't surprise us like that too often and Fusco's competent sidekick act was sweet.

    Also, Carter went way beyond what I ever thought her character should have gone and I'm still deciding if that's a good or bad thing but she was awesome anyway (I just can't imagine her as a seductress my mind refuses to go there)

    Another thing I liked was the poi of the week and the fact that there were no real big bad, just a damaged boy and 2 helping teachers.

  • Cool Song!

    Did you hear that really catchy song that was playing in episode 11 when Detective Carter walks into that bar. I found it. It's called "The Hop" by Radio Citizen. You can preview it here. 191908278?i=191908306&uo=4 CHECK IT OUT!!!
  • Answers


    I think Finch forgives that moment because of the guilt he feels for killing his own brother, at no time can it be said that he is not guilty of trafficking in school finance, he has, but other things were at stake at the moment . The second question assumes that Fusco was arrested bandits or drew some support, but really there is no mention later, but I think the intention was to leave subtended still assume that it is a failure. Now your third question is easy to answer the teacher first hacked into the account and then the boy came into contact with Caleb, probably after the meeting with his old friend and saw that it would take profit without the boy's name, it does not say that the guy is a friend, he scored exactly the meeting to clarify the facts.

    I hope I have succeeded in helping.
  • Am I stupid or are the writers getting sloppy ?

    I read the prior reviews. I personally believe there were a number of problems with the plot.

    1) Caleb turns out to be a drug lord, responsible for distributing drugs to kids. Finch doesn't care. Nothing is said about that and it is totally forgotten. Caleb is "forgiven".

    2) When Caleb doesn't meet Lorenzo, he freaks out and orders his people to "bring the kid". This also remains unsolved. Did Fusco solve the problem ? How ?

    3) If Beckman was really Caleb's friend and co-operated with him, why did he have to hack into Caleb's mail (as seen by Finch) ?

    Anybody with answers, please write .

    Other than those problems, Character development was fine and I loved the episode, however the plot problems are too much to ignore.
  • Finally ~ PoI is back!! With an awesome episode

    Despite Reese being absent for most of the episode, I loved this one as it was intensely dramatic and gave us a lot of character background. As other fans have pointed out, the show is staying true to its adherence to realism, the situations Reese is found in are real, so he doesn't just get a "get-out-of-jail" free card and in 10 minutes time he's back in action... That wouldn't be right after the huge cliffhanger in episode 10, and all of us in agony over what would happen for such a long time. I'm satisfied with the way they're playing it, that this is a major mid-season arc in the show and it will most likely continue for a couple more episodes ~ plus the longterm repercussions it may have on Carter, if Donnelly figures out she's helping Reese.

    Overall this was a dark and very atmospheric episode and I was very relieved to see the show easing back into its normal format, because much as I like Bear I would hate to see the show turn into a humoristic, one-off episode procedural. So this eased my anxiety a little bit, hopefully they will keep it up like this.

    We learned some amazing and very interesting things about Finch, namely that he is somewhat of the "original hacker", and that he probably had a troubled family background. He seemed to identify with Caleb quite a lot, understanding his position as genius/misfit troubled by his mistakes. Harold hinted that he may have had something to do with Nathan's death after all, and for the first time in the whole show (!!!) he called the Machine "a mistake". A perspective that he has never confided in anyone else ~ in his conversations with Root, Reese, Alicia and even Nathan, he always said the Machine was not one of his mistakes.

    Fusco came out as a cool guy who can handle his own assignments, since he wasn't constantly teased or guided by Reese, and he was allowed to take initiative. And Carter made a final decision to permanently cross the line, and to be 100% on the team's side, risking her career to save Reese. I liked it that these two characters were allowed to "shine" on their own and the writers exploited Reese's absence to bring them more to the foreground.

    But at the end of the day, this episode was about Harold, his abilities, his feelings, his background, his motives and how he views himself and what he has done. And I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Caleb... Great episode!
  • harloud

    this episode very nice

    the boy Genius

    and problem of Reese

    and Finch (the Genius of geniuses)

    i think D. Carter help Reese
  • Suicides as Numbers

    This episode did very little for the overall plot, which was mostly contained with Reese and Carter's appearances, but it was still in that great vein that PoI has rooted itself. I loved that "The Mysterious Mr. Finch" made a return in this one; hinting to Caleb that Finch was that "one that got away," giving the kid a role model. I also loved how it forced Finch to reflect on the things he's done and gave him a chance to show how far he's come in the season and a half since the show's pilot. Another wonderful return from a mid-season finale. Can't wait to see Carter's interrogation next week.

    The one thing that I can't quite get past is that the Machine picked up a suicide. To me, that doesn't quite fit the profile of what the Machine is looking for. I can understand why this procedural was chosen and it works very well in the series, it just feels a bit out of place for the Machine. Perhaps it's a hint that it will be moving back toward caring, as it did when Finch was first training it? Time will tell!
  • Finch, The best maths teacher!!

    I really liked this episode very much. Either it was seeing Carter trying to free Reese, Finch working as a substitute teacher or Fusco running errands for Finch, this episode balanced these aspects pretty well. I loved seeing Finch talking about 'Pi'. He would make for a great teacher.

    This week's POI was also an interesting one. He was the victim and the perpetrator. Man, these writers know what they're doing and they do it with remarkable ease. Nice acting from the actor playing the POI, too. Loved the emotional part of this episode.

    Who didn't love the scene at the train station with Finch convincing Caleb? It was excellently executed. This episode made me actually love Finch's character. I hope that we get info about Finch's life as a student or his early years.

    Lastly, but not the least, very little Reese. It was change that I didn't think I would like but it resulted in more screen time for the characters notably Finch and Fusco.

    Can't wait for Carter's interrogation of Reese next week. !!!!