Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2014 on CBS

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  • Reece is back.

    Reece beats up most of the passengers on a plane to save the next number, an enterprising online drug dealer.
  • 4C - POI

    Obviously this episode played to some cliches, but there was still some great humor thrown in, and it was still an entertaining episode from beginning to end.
  • Did anyone really think Reese had left?

    This was such a good episode! Classic Reese taking care of business in a routine fashion; I especially liked how he neutralized the obnoxious character in the adjoining seat. Anyone who flies frequently probably got a vicarious thrill over that scene.

    Even if the preceding episodes were a tad annoying, they only served to make this comeback all the more delicious. Good plotline, too, that the machine enticed Reese' return in a way that even Finch couldn't maneuver. By putting him on a plane where he is left to discern on his own what the imminent danger is, it forced him to revert to his protective instincts and reminded him of who he is.

    This show deserves a long run. Thanks to CBS for sticking with it.
  • Is It OK to Say "Classic" in only Season 3?

    I hereby request (at least) one episode along the lines of this one per season for the rest of the run. Felt like season 1. Rock-em, sock-em Reese; all Reese all the time. Yes! And Holly had a nice right hook (right cross?) with that coffee carafe. No heavy involvement; just working with someone else trying to do the right thing. Yes!

    Now I've got to look for a patience 14 calendar weeks left till end of season, but way fewer episodes than that. Suppose I ought to say thanks for the 10-in-a-row we got at the beginning of this season.

    XO, POI.
  • Really really glad.....

    liked the episode. Often I'm on a limb alone but not this time. Just a hot dog what happens next caper. Loved it,didn't analyze it.

    I'm a delayed DVD 'er and just saw it.
  • Such a Follow-Up

    I was pretty certain that the Machine wouldn't let its greatest asset walk away from it - and it was nice to have Reese working on a relevant for once. It absolutely broke my heart that Finch brought his finacee into the conversation in the end scene, because while it isn't quite on the same scale as Reese and Carter, he did it because he knew what would happen if she got involved. I don't like how easily Reese connected with Holly, but everyone needs someone and has their own way of getting over things. The case itself was boring, but the episode was wonderful (and I absolutely wanted to steal Finch's suit at the end - great choice for him). I think the very best part was Emerson's dorky little smile coming out in that end scene when he realized what Reese was saying. Perfect.
  • A shot of Whiskey for everybody!

    Finally, an exciting episode that doesn't warrant facepalms or rolling of the eyes like all the recent "root" scenes do:

    "Hi, I'm a hot female nerd and I call myself Admin. I'm a super unstoppable agent because I receive intel in real-time and that makes me better than any government trained


    Anyway, it's funny as hell how there's a lot of alcohol going around in this ep. It's almost like Reese is trying to get everyone drunk just for kicks.

    The action is great, some nice humor and the Reese/Finch chemistry is awesome.

    I love this episode, especially the series-finale-esque scene at the end.

    . The vigilance crap in previous episodes is just as cheesy/lame as "root".
  • the machine will not let you leave....

    excellent episode!!! am so happy that Reese is back in the fold... now on to business... who's next to be taken down... decima? vigilance?
  • clever

    what an episode!