Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 22

A House Divided

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 06, 2014 on CBS

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  • We finally get to see what drives Peter Collier to his cause.

    We finally get to see what drives Peter Collier to his cause. Shaw is annoyed when Root and the machine orders her to save Control
  • best line by Shaw EVER

    Normally I dont like Shaw's one liners, but tonight she nailed it!!!!

    In one scene Shaw went in going after Control and shot up some secret service agents. Root asks "Did her other friends arrive yet?" To which Shaw said "that woman has friends?" LOL

    I love this show for having a sense of urgency but the dark humor gets me all the time. Priceless.

    Another bonus was we see Root taking the Finch role as director of the squad. Its intersting how easy it was for Root to assume the mantle of leadership when she needs to. We also get a glimpse of what she has been up to when she isnt presented in an episode, she collects assets!!!! Captain America (Reese) and Black WIdow (Shaw) along with Thing (Fusco) fall in line and obey orders given to them from Root (Nick Fury?) The team knows that they have the same objective and they dont waste time arguing over who is the most qualified to lead them in times of emergency. And its a good judgment call to trust Root since she is the eyes and eyes of the Machine.
  • A House Divided

    Like the emphasis being placed on Root in the last few episodes, but this seemed to drag on for a bit too long. Not one of the season's better offerings.
  • Vigilance Prime Time

    The MVP of the episode is Collier, known leader of Vigilance. That was great...
  • Separation of Powers at play

    Vigilance lawyer boss has sequestered representatives of two branches of government (Senator for Legislative; Control, POTUS adviser for Executive). The Vigilance lawyer is either representing the (really useless) Judicial branch of government or he's running a Grand Jury on the sequestered reps. The Grand Jury is something like a 4th branch of government set in motion when the other three branches of government FAIL! I conjecture that Harold Finch will give expert testimony. The Vigilance lawyer boss will probably reveal a chonology of the mysterious texts he began receiving in 2010. Shocking end to the story next week? I feel like this lawyer boss for Vigilance will become an unwitting pawn of somebody.
  • Root v Reese

    This season has been one of my favorite due to many good episodes (mixed with puff pieces/fillers).

    Root & her progressive transformation to the character that she is now, has been "awesome" for me this season. Very expressive, very confident and take charge person. Sadly, her character is beginning to leave John in her shadow. No, no in entertainment.

    1. Possibly need to cut character out due to sudden dominance of the show.

    2. The character developments in the show are beginning to clash.

    This is an episode where yet again, John is being left in the dark by the Machine's super-abundant data, but insuffecient (data) to affect his own contributions to the team.

    We've already seen Reese leave the team specifically because of that.

    "Root", I love you... but don't make John angry. Put him in the game; don't bench him!
  • Planning the Haitus

    There is only one way to wait for season 4:

    Hoping not to get a heart attack in the finale (this episode sure started it)

    marathon season 3 over and over again to check every detail!!!

  • Panel of Numbers

    So much going on and yet it won't really hit the fan until next week! These are the multi-parters that are the most painful, but also the most rewarding. It was wonderful to see Control again, as much as I hate her. I really enjoy the ladies PoI has going on, even if Charlie's Angels are a thing of the past (seriously, where has Zoe been this season?). Finally getting a taste into the opposition's background was a lovely change of pace as well - I'm not a fan of having a one-sided argument. Even if that's exactly what it looks like next week will start out as. Can't wait!