Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2014 on CBS

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  • Root is awesome

    I can honestly say, RoOT always plays with the House's chips. She puts herself in imminent danger and always finds a way out of it. She is one of my favorite characters of the show. People say they hate her character but Name one show that has a character as original or interesting as Root is........ Go on...... Yeah there isn't.

    To be borderline psychotic at times and playful and cheery the next. She definitely has purpose and really has a different vibe than most characters. I understand that she is dangerous but when you are dealing with matters relating to National Security you know you werent going to have a clean cut - easy answers show to begin with.
  • Aletheia

    The scenes in jail were okay, but I found the episode to drag at quite a lot of points. Solid, the show is always at minimum that, but not great.
  • There's something lacking in this episode

    There's something lacking in this episode. It's getting a bit tiring with John away sulking all the time and Lional out of the main focus. Root was great, but it was unforgivable that Shaw and Finch just left her behind to be tortured without giving her a second thought, after she saved their lives.
  • Cool episode

    This episode is not perfect but has some nice ideas. There are some timing problems, that makes things not very credible, but it's maybe because there were so many events happening in the same time. The action scenes were not great, and lacks the particular style of Reese. There's also a problem with Shaw who now lacks a bit of her hidden force.
  • Reese Is Back???

    This episode is about that old battle of amazing things being used for nefarious purposes. It goes back to Finch's childhood where he begin the quest to use advanced technology for good and to thwart it's use for bad. The machine is the manifestation of it and Arthur was on a parallel path separate from Finch who was able to achieve it apart from those who would use it darkly. Finch lost his role as being over it as we know it has attained self-realization and autonomy. It put Arthur back on the map for the government and Finch had to prompt Arthur's recollection of where it hid the back up. The going got rough, especially with Reese still in self imposed exile. Control was in the hunt too and Root suffered before the machine intervened. As it played out Root is free from Finch and Reese's return rescued the rest of the gang. However, there seems to be another set of drives and the shadow group supposedly has them.

    All of the above made a pretty good story, but the show dragged noticeably except for Camryn Manheim and Root's interactions which were excellent. This episode is transitory it would seem. Lots of players all jostling for a way to use or contain the machine. The one solid besides the afore mentioned Control/Root segment was Reese's return, except in the final scene he proclaims he had to save Finch and now that he did that he's gone again. He explains this because the machine didn't save the best person he has known. Normally this would get Reese in one man army mode wouldn't it? I wasn't too fond of this episode, but I do like the pressure it is putting on Finch to regain his role as administrator with urgency. Come on John Reese and be John Reese. The show is better when Reese is dispensing his brand of justice.
  • Action overload.

    Way too much phony action.
  • Can I Have A Gun Now?

    The equivalent of Are we there yet? When Shaw rescued Finch and Company I thought Shaw would say Into the sewer with you!; Will Root get a digital cochlear implant? She could communicate with The Machine full time.

  • Root to the Rescue

    Easily the best episode of the season so far. Cameron Manheim as control was a great hire by the producers. She's so good, I can't stand her. To bad when Root came to the rescue of Shaw, Finch, and Arthur, she missed with two 9mm's! Not good because it cost her the hearing in her right ear. Can't wait for Tuesday nite! What will happen with Reese? At least he is back in town thanks to Fusco.
  • Certain Gravitational Pull

    It's hammertime and I am inordinately happy to see you were the best quotes of the episode. That was the kind of episode that gives you chills when it's over. I don't believe for a minute that Reese will leave even semi-permanently, but he does need time to find himself and I'm not sure if we're not going to have another rampage like with Jessica. Seeing Root in action again was incredible and the girl power really gave the episode a different flavor. I would have loved to see the gang in the sewers and will be inordinately disappointed if there isn't a blooper or a deleted scene in the box set. Incredible episode.