Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jan 07, 2014 on CBS



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    • Arthur: Stealing a car, almost dying... it reminds me of the old days at MIT, Harold.

    • Finch's Father: Well, if anyone can do it, it's you. The world spins on dreamers like you, Harold.

    • Reese: Nothing wrong with jail. Some of the best vacations I've ever had were behind bars.
      Fusco: You're a peach, you know that?

    • Reese: No offense, Lionel. I know the whole "being a good guy" thing is new to you. But you're not fooling anyone, and neither will we. We weren't helping people. We were delaying the inevitable.
      Fusco: Nobody said we were gonna win, but it doesn't mean you stop fighting.
      Reese: No, I've learned my lesson. It's entropy, Lionel, decay. We save someone, they're still lose, just tomorrow, not today. And I know that now, same as I know you'll probably go back to be a corrupt piece of garbage. Water finds its level.

    • Finch: We need an escape route, but you have to be careful. I urge you to consider what Mr. Reese would do.
      Sam: Brood.
      Finch: As you've said, you're a hammer. Mr. Reese is a scalpel. This requires a bit more finesse.
      Sam: Well, I've got finesse coming out of my ass, Harold.

    • Finch: This plan feels rather reckless.
      Sam: There's a time for a scalpel and a time for a hammer. It's hammer time.

    • Finch: End this. Destroy the drives.
      Arthur: No. This is life... or as close as we mortals come to saying, "Let there be light."
      Finch: It is extraordinary, and it is beautiful. So are mushroom clouds, in their own ways.

    • Arthur: Your Machine--is it wonderful?
      Finch: Wonderful... yes, and terrible. We saved good people and lost good people. In the end, I'm afraid we've only given the deck a shuffle.

    • Arthur: Everything slides toward chaos. Your creation, it brings us poor souls a cupful of order. Your child is a dancing star.
      Finch: It's not my child, it's a machine.
      Arthur: A false dichotomy. It's all electricity. Does it make you laugh? Does it make you weep?
      Finch: Yes.
      Arthur: What's more human?

    • Sam: Lionel, your face looks good all covered up like that.

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    • International Airdates:
      Australia: February 13, 2014 on Nine Network
      Finland: February 17, 2015 on MTV3

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