Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 18

All In

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2013 on CBS

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  • Bad time for the machine to have a glitch!

    I guess Detective Szymanski got bit by the Machine virus since they didn't get his number or the DA's who was killed. I was bothered about them dying with the machine not giving numbers for them and not mentioning the reason being the Virus. I think they should have mentioned something about this in the episode instead of just ignoring it because that is a pretty big deal not to save The DA and a cop but save an old guy who gambles in AC. Just my opinion!

    I really love the show and understand the need to be cryptic but I was just pointing out something that was said to me.
  • You DOnt have to TRY and lose in AC

    This episode was enjoyable and had a grea ttwist ending. But being this show has a computer genius and uses technology this was a great opportunity lost to present the TRUTH about Atlantic City, peoplw whi are losing on slot machines that have pre-generated win CHips SET at a specific level. In other is no longer RANDON to win or lose--you WILL depends how much.

    So this guy didnt HAVE to "try" and lose--you play down there long enough --you will LOSE no matter what you play and good luck finding an empty Blackjack table where you do not have to play along soeone betting 5,00 a hand who has no idea how to play blackjacek. . I think the episode should have gotten into the statistical probabilities of chance, the way casino Sets its CHIPS in machines (they are not programmed to pay at a specific day or time-but they ARE set to a harder LEVEL to win than Vegas... Some machines pay out a lot faster than others--the random Chip is SET to pay sooner. An episode dealing with fraud in Chips in Slots would haef been much more interesting.
  • Yet Another Great Episode!

    Wow! The story arc is evolving to such a point that it almost feels more like a serialized drama than a procedural one. With HR and so many other story lines, there's no end to serialized elements, and it shows that it is possible to write a procedural incredibly if it is done right.

    This episode did something that POI has consistently done well throughout its history, and that is unravel the story slowly and keep the viewer guessing. I honestly could not have guessed the way the episode was going, and the teleplay was brilliant.

    The main storyline was about an elderly down-on-his-luck (or so it seemed) gambler who was actually throwing his games to help with a side operation involving drug trafficking at the casino. The slow reveal was done very well, and the card game between the gambler and Finch was fun. Eventually, Finch and Reese sent him to Chicago on a bus so that he would be safe, but it didn't last for long. He came back and wanted to die a winner, which is something that Finch totally respects. The team then decides to reveal the casino for what it truly is. Enter Leon Tao and you have five or so minutes of fun. But then Finch is discovered, and Leon, Reese, and the gambler are found. They are tied up, and a game of Russian Roulette ensues. Cue a typical Reese move and sly maneuver by the gambler, and the team is free. The final meeting at the diner is truly touching, and as it is revealed that the man wanted to buy the diner, he also tells Finch that he would be crazy not to try to get Grace back. Honestly, that scene was one of the most touching things I've seen on POI this season.

    In terms of HR storyline, this was executed very well too. HR is now trying to associate with the Russians and hope that they'll fund HR, and we see just how far they're willing to go to get their way. This slow buildup of this episode was rather remarkable, and we now know that Beecher is, at least in some way, connected to HR. This was an excellent episode all around. I look forward to seeing how the writers manage to conclude the season.
  • Great Episode for 95% of show.

    This was a very well done episode with the Atlantic City story line. Tops as always, however, I didn't like the ending, with the NYPD story line and the DA and police detective getting shot. Uncomfortable with that story line. Seems too powerful for even our four star characters to overcome.....
  • Ocean's Fourteen

    The first half of this episode felt like a normal PoI case (and woo boy, did I love the general set up of it - it was nice to see the older folks getting into some trouble). The second half felt like it was trying to be the next installment of the Ocean's movies. It was great to see Leon again, and I was super-excited to see Fusco, but there wasn't nearly enough of him. Either Chapman's busy with another project, or they've run out of ideas for Fusco, which is seriously disappointing because he's my second favorite in the series. It also seems the Machine has recovered some, but there are still dark screens. Crisis averted or all part of the plan? Seems we're moving right along toward the season finale - and still know very little about Finch. Decent episode overall, but only served to remind me how much has been left unanswered.
  • HR is back :D

    Fun and great entertainement episode. The casino scenes are great, the action scenes, the two storyline with Finch, Reese and Leon and the other with Carter, Fusco and Beecher works so well, but for me the best part is the HR plot, the final scene is nuts, Quinn is a crazy bastard and make the first step in the war against Elias.

    Plus: Rest In Peace detective Szymanski

  • This show can't do anything wrong, at least it appears that way

    Another great episode. Some great emotional scenes, Reese kicking ass. Leon was back and also more HR. I can't wait for the season finale. What a build up.

    @ ARAP

    First the matter of the cheating. The Casino (boss) knew about him, but Reese allready took out his two goons and had the evidence he was laundering drug money, so he told the guy, let him play. This also bought him time to get more goons to take them later. Also the boss blackmailed all the older guys, including our victim. He knew that the guy cheated in his earlier "mobster" days and blackmailed him into doing this. Also, probably there was some threatening too.
  • Still not buying it

    I still don't believe Beecher is dirty. It just feels too obvious for this show. His "reveal" was way too early in the season. Terney was a surprise until about 2 minutes before his reveal. He usually only gets one scene per show. After the third one, I got suspicious. Too bad; I liked him; which, of course, is the point.

    Finch -- so sad. R: Some of us don't get to grow old with the one we love. F: I'll grow old with Grace, Mr. Reese, just from afar.
  • Whew! Looks like Harold is right to be concerned.

    Last week, he expressed worry over the Machine having been "glitched" by that computer virus Reese's ex-partner tried to spread over the Internet. And, that worry just might have some legitimacy. During Season 1, the numbers for Detective Symanski and/or that female District Attorney would have come up quicker than a Viagra taker! But, now? Two decent public servants are dead. And, Harold and Reese won't hear about it until after the fact.