Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 17

Baby Blue

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

Two men discuss that Moretti is being released from prison, and figure that Elias set it up.

Reese meets Carter outside the prison where Moretti is being released. She figures that there'll be trouble since Reese shows up, and tells him that she has been authorized to offer Moretti protection in return for how to find Elias. A car pulls up and Carter gets out while Reese checks in with Finch. Finch tells his partner that they have a new number that was issued just two months earlier, to a Leila Smith. He figures that it's a case of identity fraud or a new citizen. All he has is a work address, and plans to check it out. When Reese says that they need to focus on Moretti, Finch reminds him that the numbers won't wait.

Carter pulls Moretti over as he tries to leave and offers to put him somewhere safe in return for his testimony. Unimpressed, he dismisses her offer and leaves.

Finch goes to the address, St. Raymond's Clinic, slips inside, shuts down the security cameras, and checks the computer records. He's surprised to discover that Leila isn't an employee but a patient.

Carter and Reese follow Moretti as he drives out to his home in the woods.

Finch poses as a doctor and tells the nurse that he's there to check on Leila's bronchitis. He's surprised when Nurse Mary Abbott takes him in and shows him that Leila is a six-month-old safe haven baby. Dr. Marcus Adalian found Leila abandoned outside the clinic, and Mary applied for the Social Security number on Leila's behalf. Due to her bronchitis, she hasn't been adopted yet. Once the nurse leaves, Finch contemplates the baby and wonders who would want to hurt her. He looks outside and sees two suspicious-looking men dressed as interns, and notices that they're wearing street shoes.

Finch calls Reese and says that he has a situation, but Reese says that he has problems of his own. An accident is blocking the road ahead. Moretti tells his driver to keep going, but a truck rams them and the accident victims pull out guns. They shoot Moretti's bodyguards, but Carter and Reese arrive and shoot them down. They get Moretti out and leave before reinforcements can arrive.

That night, Carter takes Moretti to a safehouse where Detective Szymanski is waiting for them. When Moretti wonders if he has to stay there, Carter tells him that he can leave if he wants but Elias will send other killers after him. Carter leaves and finds Reese waiting for her outside. She tells him that she's cleared the safehouse with a few good cops like Szymanski. Carter thanks Reese for his help and tells him to stay out of trouble. Once she leaves, Reese checks in with Finch, who says things are okay. When Reese updates him and asks what happened to his number, Finch admits that he did something rash... and glances at Leila, in a car seat in his front seat.

The next morning, Reese meets Finch at the library and realizes that he took Leila with him. Finch figures that someone planned to abduct Leila and dump her in an orphanage outside of the country. He's checked the clinic records and discovered they received $50,000 when Leila was born and $10,000 every month since then. The donations were anonymous, and Finch has sent an IRS letter to get the clinic to reveal more. They discover that Leila's abduction has been reported. Finch meets with Carter while shopping for baby supplies and explains that he took Leila to keep the men from kidnapping her. He assures her that Leila is safe with Reese, but they both agree that they should resolve things. Finch asks her to go to the clinic and find out Leila's real parents, and recommends that she talks to Mary. The cashier sees them together and assumes that Finch and Carter are the parents.

Simmons meets with Fusco at the station and tells him that Carter was there on some kind of off-book operation. HR wants to find Moretti and they want Fusco to use Carter to get to Moretti.

Carter talks to Mary and Dr. Adalian. He insists that they have no records on Leila and walks off, but Carter notices that Mary is concerned. She gives the nurse her card before she goes.

Finch shows Reese how to change Leila when the clinic accounts send the tax ID on the donor. It came from Adnan Petrosian, who owns Petrosian Construction. Adnan has been married to Nicola for over 20 years and has a son Bradley who is studying finance at NYU. Finch tells Reese to get close to the Petrosians, and Reese is soon at the house watching. He listens in and hears Adnan complaining about how much money he's spent getting Bradley out of trouble. Bradley assures him that everything has been taken care of, and Reese figures that Bradley's parents are covering for him.

Mary calls Carter and Fusco takes the call first. The nurse is nervous when she realizes that Carter works homicide, but Carter tells her not to worry about it. Mary explains that Leila had a silver bracelet when she arrived and gave it to Adalian, but now he claims he doesn't remember it. The initials C.C. were engraved on it. She calls Finch with the information, and he discovers that the receptionist in the head office is named Claudia Cruz. Her employment ended eight months ago, right when her pregnancy would have shown, and Carter confirms that she died in a home fire four days ago.

Finch and Reese meet with Carter and bring Leila with them. They tell Carter what they know and wonder why Claudia ended up dead. If Claudia decided she wanted to keep Leila, DNA would have revealed who the father was and he would have had to pay support. Carter has checked the crime scene reports and wants to check with a mentor of hers with the fire department. John is going to follow Bradley while Finch checks with Claudia's parents.

Finch claims to be with Family Services and talks to Claudia's parents Veda and Sammy. When Finch says that they've received an anonymous report that Claudia was pregnant, the Cruzs insist that they would have known. However, they never saw her after she moved into the new apartment, and Sammy admits that Claudia was reluctant to come around. Claudia had a silver bracelet with her initials on it and the parents ask to see the baby. Finch says that he might be able to arrange a meeting, and Veda shows him papers that Claudia left there a month before she died. Among them is a photo of Bradley.

Reese continues following Bradley and sees him meet with another young man... his lover. Reese figures that clears him and heads out to check on Adnan. Finch checks on Leila and realizes that she's crawled away.

Carter and her mentor, Novak, go over the remains of Claudia's apartment. According to the autopsy, Claudia was drinking and passed out. However, Novak confirms that someone tampered with the fire alarm. The x-rays show that Claudia was hit in the head with something wrong and knocked unconscious, and then the fire was set afterward. She finds a lamp and Novak says that the heat could have etched the fingerprints into the metal, identifying the killer.

Reese returns to help a panicking Finch find Leila. She has crawled off into the shelves and found one of Reese's tear gas grenades. Reese gets it away from her and Finch figures that they need to have Claudia's parents watch Leila. He tells Reese that he's moved Sammy and Veda to a safehouse.

When Carter returns to her desk, Fusco asks what case she's working and she tells him about the fire. She gets a call from Szymanski and then asks Fusco to take the lamp to the crime lab. Fusco points out that Szymanski is in Organized Crime and assures her he has her back. Carter lies and says that Szymanski asked her out on a date, and asks Fusco to keep it quiet.

Reese and Finch drive to the safehouse and Reese goes in first. He discovers that a masked man has tied up the Cruzs. Reese gets the drop on him but the intruder manages to escape and get away. When he goes back to the car, Reese discovers that someone has knocked Finch out and taken Leila.

Inside, Veda tends to Finch's injury while Reese confirms that the abductors put a GPS tracker on the couple's car. Finch tells them to get their things so they can move them again, and Reese figures that if they don't get Leila by sunset, her abductors will have her out of the country. He grabbed a medallion from the intrude confirming that he's an East European mobster, and promises Finch he'll do what he has to so he can get Leila back.

Carter goes back to the safehouse and tells Moretti that they're trying to keep a low profile on where he's being kept. Detective Kane calls and tells her that the fingerprints match with a perp who was in a road rage incident ten years ago.

Reese bursts into the Petrosian house, grabs Adnan, and demands to know where Leila is. After subduing a security guard, he shows Adnan the medallion and asks where the man it belongs to can be found. Adnan admits that he had an affair with Claudia, but he had nothing to do with her death and Leila's abduction. Carter sends a text message to Reese telling him that Nicola's fingerprints are on the murder weapon, and Reese tells her that he knows what she's done. Nicole admits that she hired the men to abduct Leila, but she tells Reese that she can't call them off now. Adnan is shocked to learn that his wife went behind his back to kill his mistress, and Nicola boasts that there's nothing Reese can do to get Leila back. After a moment, Reese walks away.

Reese goes to bar and demands an answer from the patrons. Several of them prepare to attack him and Reese just smiles.

Fusco follows Carter to the safehouse and sees her with Moretti.

Reese takes out the men and tells the first one to talk. The crook says that the baby has been handed over and there's nothing that can be done to find her. Reese goes back to the library and tells Finch that there's only one man who knows the underworld and can find Leila. He asks for the burner phone that Elias sent them and figures that the crime lord will meet with him out of curiosity.

Elias has his men bring Reese to meet him, and Reese reminds him that he saved his life. The crime lord concedes that he owes Reese a favor, but is also aware that Reese took out the thugs who tried to kill Moretti. Reese tells him that someone has killed a mother and taken her child, just like someone killed Elias' mother. He tells Elias that if criminals start targeting children, then there are no rules and Elias can't keep control. After a moment, Elias agrees to help and says that the Eastern Europeans will hand Leila to the Mexicans to move her out of the country, and Reese asks Elias to get him to the meeting.

Scarface drops off Reese and gives him his guns back, and then tells him the address where the handoff is going down. The next morning, the abductors arrive at the meeting and prepare to hand off Leila. A van drives out of a warehouse and they open fire, but they realize that there's nobody in it. Reese kneecaps one of the Europeans and tells the Mexicans to walk away. They make a hasty exit and the head abductor tells Reese to surrender or he'll kill Leila. Reese shoots him down and picks up the baby, but Scarface and his men arrive, capture Reese, and smash his phone. Scarface admits that Elias had a change of heart.

Elias arrives and takes Leila, and explains that he'll trade her for Moretti. When Reese says that he doesn't know where Moretti is, Elias locks Reese and Leila into a refrigerated truck and turns on the cooling unit, and leaves him with a radio to contact him if he changes his mind.

Simmons asks Fusco if he has anything on Carter, and he tells the HR man that he learned she had a pizza. The crooked cop reminds Fusco that he has a murder victim to hold over him and tells the detective to find Moretti.

The temperature inside the refrigerated truck continues to drop and Reese tries to break free.

Carter invites Fusco to help her arrest Nicola Petrosian. Before they can leave, Finch calls to tell Carter that he lost Reese and gives her the last known address. She tells Fusco that something has come up and invites him to arrest Nicola.

Desperate, Reese finally breaks loose and picks up Leila, holding her tight. Meanwhile, Finch arrives at the rendezvous and finds the dead men and the empty bag that held Leila.

With Leila weakening by the moment, Reese finally calls Elias and tells him that he's won. When Reese asks what guarantee he has that Elias will release him, Elias says that he doesn't have a guarantee. Reese gives him an address in Queens and Elias admits that he could never harm a child, but he knew that Reese wouldn't either. He says goodbye and drops the keys to the handcuffs in. Once he removes them, Reese breaks open the door, gets into a cab, and turns up the heat. Finch drives up and Reese tells him to tend to Leila while he goes after Elias.

Carter is en route when Reese tells her that Elias knows where Moretti is. She calls Szymanski and tells him to get Moretti out.

Finch gets back to the library and calls Reese. He's at the safehouse with Carter and they discover that Szymanski has been shot. As they tend to his wound, Reese admits that he gave up the address to save Leila, but she says that he should have called the police and that she can't help Finch and Reese anymore. Carter tells Reese to get out before the police arrive and he quickly leaves.

That night, Finch and Reese turn Leila over to the Cruzs. They watch and Reese wonders if they'll ever have children, and Finch warns that the problem with children is that you never know how they're going to turn out.

Elias has Moretti brought to him and greets his father.