Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 17

Baby Blue

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • I had to write a review

    Carter has some redeemable moments but this episode wasn't one of them. Her kicking Reese to the curb after he was forced to make a deal with Elias was emotional and stupid. She had only started dating Shermansky, so there was no long term relationship anyway.

    I do give props to Fosco for not betraying Carter when the crooked cops wanted to know her weakness. I am liking his character more and more. This show operates on the premise of grey lines. Finch and Reese know about walking the grey lines, heck Fosco knows about the grey lines but Carter needs a clue about where she stands. She can't be a holier than though saint forever.
  • Light comedy and hard choices

    Ok, this show keeps getting better and better in its uniquely understated way.

    Short recap of the episode:

    Elias' dad is getting out of prison.

    The machine spits out a number belonging to a six-month old baby girl, parents unknown.

    Cue complications.

    Finch and Reese end up babysitting cutey pie Laila as they try to figure out why someone is trying to kidnap her, and after finding out that her recently deceased mother had been working for a company belonging to a rich family, they turn their attention to Rich Bastard Jr. - who turns out to be gay.

    And Rich Bastard Sr. - who turns out to be the dad, but not the one who killed Laila's mother or tried to have her kidnapped.

    Because that was Mrs. Rich Bastard, trying to clean up the family mess - as mothers are wont to do...

    The meat of the episode was super-cute (b)romance between newly-minted "dads" Reese and Finch, who were pleasantly competent at the whole caretaking gig, with the exception of some "oops, that's not a pacifier, that's a grenade"-moments that could happen to ANYBODY. Well, anybody who happens to have guns and grenades lying around in open cupboards, of course. :p

    But the real thrill of the episode came with Elias (because he IS a fascinating bastard), when Reese chose to approach him for help in finding baby Laila (who just kept getting kidnapped).

    After some nice negotiating and character interaction, Reese gets the goods and goes off to save the day.

    Enter treacherous, double-dealing Evil Genius (a.k.a. Elias) who puts our favourite stoic good guy in a giant freezer with little Pretty-in-Pink to get the location of Daddy Dearest's safehouse.

    And in the end, having to chose between grumpy old sinner and innocent baby, Reese choses the slowly freezing bundle o'Joy in his arms - for better or worse.

    Elias manages to snatch daddykins, and detective Carter's co-worker/friend gets shot in the process.

    Moments that made the episode for me:

    Reese's "Really" and absolutely LETHAL smile when he's working over some Europeans for Laila's location - he's so bad-ass it's coming off of him in WAVES.

    Reese's struggle and final capitulation when he gives in to Elias' demands - he looks so resigned and defeated, it's heartwrenching.

    And finally - the fact that Reese (after some initial sidestepping) freely admitted to Carter that HE gave up the safehouse, that HE was in part responsible for the good cop bleeding out on the floor. One thing I like about his character; he's not afraid to own up to his mistakes.
  • Keeps getting better and better...

    Episode by episode, the cases are getting more profound...And with that comes the difficult task of making hard decisions...This episode was about two different cases:1)Saving a baby 2)Saving Elias's father...In the end Reese made the decision of saving the child at the expense of the other one...Was it right?I think so...Even if what Finch said is correct and one doesn't know how a child will turn out, its still worth saving him more...

    Also seeing Reese and Finch acting so paternal with the child was touching...No matter how many difficulties they encountered in their life they still have their human side intact... Reese going to Elias for help was impressive...Loved seeing him go so far to protect someone.
  • Simply amazing... (though Reese and Finch probably shouldn't run a day-care center)

    This week's episode pushed John to the limit when the machine gave them the number of an orphaned six-months-old baby. As it turned out, the mother had been murdered by the betrayed wife of the man who had fathered the child and now this very wife was plotting to make the baby disappear too. Unfortunately, the kidnappers found a way to take the child while Finch was bringing the little girl to a safe house and the only way to get her back was to turn to Elias for help. Appealing to Elias' own father issues, Elias provided the information John needed and helped him rescue the baby.

    Unfortunately, Elias had a change of heart. He locked Reese and the baby in a refrigerated truck to get information from Reese about the whereabouts of Moretti, his own father, wo had been released from prison earlier and moved to a safe house. To save the girl's life, Reese was forced to give up the information. After being released, he rushed to intervene, but Elias had already gotten to Moretti. John had to admit to Carter that he gave up the information and Carter, appalled by John's action, told him she couldn't work with them anymore. In the end, John and Harold said goodbye to the little girl and gave her over to her grandparents. John wondered whether they'd be able to have a family of their own one day and Harold replied "The trouble with children: you never know how they turn out." Meanwhile, Elias met his father Moretti.

    "Baby Blue" was a cleverly plotted, emotional, suspenseful episode that manages to bring back Elias into the spotlight while giving Reese the opportunity to show a completely different, a softer side of him when he took care of the little girl. Exposing John's vulnerability also strenghtened Elias' part as bad guy when he promptly used John's weak spot and the little girl's life to get what he wanted. To make the episode perfect, the baby provided lighter moments like Finch showing John how to change the baby, Finch being mistaken for a first-time dad, the improvised playpen made of books and not to forget the moment baby Leila found a grenade to play with. A tear-gas grenade, but still ;)...

    To sum it up, there was just nothing to complain about, just a perfect installment of a show that keeps getting better and better...