Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 2

Bad Code

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CBS
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    Person of Interest "Bad Code" Review: Paper Trails

    Reese goes all the way to Texas to solve an old case by holstering his guns and following bank accounts instead.

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    In Texas, Reese and Carter investigate the disappearance of a 14-year-old girl from over a decade ago that may lead them to Finch and his abductor.

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    • how smart is root?

      Is this another case of the bad guy wanting to get caught? Root is supposed to be leaves enough info for Reese to track credit card info

      Root allows herself to get kicked around by Weeks. Did she know he would only kick her enough times to knock her out? For Finch's sake she woke up.

      This one was almost a little wink, wink with us.

      Finally, I'm enjoying Carter and wish there wouldv'e been a little more awkward humor at the motel.moreless
    • root, you are my hero

      Power ful episode, evil but the core of root is on the right track.
    • Some Big Picture

      This episode made the show seem better and more interesting with a deeper plot, a sort of a nemesis, and some nice twists.
    • "Because you're wrong. HE proves you're wrong."

      The episode title "Bad Code" isn't hard to figure this time, since Root already used the line last week ("The Contingency").

      Where did Root come from? Childhood trauma? Sold her soul? Or is she just one of those who simply "want to watch the world burn" (to borrow a Nolan line from a certain movie franchise)? Well, you sort of find out. An event that seals the deal on her view of humanity is finally presented, but, as you might expect, there are still clues that come up even in the final moments (so remember your scene sequence and don't blink) that indicate this origin story is not that simple, and predates (and postdates) the incident. And we may never fully know any more than the fact that we don't know everything, which is part of Nolan's master storytelling--creating a complex, compelling villain whose motives you cannot fully know, and therefore who is that much more unnerving because of her unpredictability. (Once you've seen the episode, go back and review the scenes with the young Root as well as people's memories of her, and you'll see what I mean about her origin predating and postdating the incident. Awesome casting for both the adult and child Root!)

      But Root isn't the point here. Nor is the developing plotline with the few remaining NSA and OSC people who know about the Machine. Nor is Finch and his efforts to somehow resist and interfere with Root. No, the point here is in that line I quoted in the title of this review. When you hear it, you will cheer. And you will get the point.


      P.S. To paraphrase one of Reese's lines from this storyline, "Nolan you sly dog, you." Jonathan Nolan in interviews at Comic Con indicated that Root would be around for multiple episodes this season. He didn't say anything about them being sequential. :)moreless
    • Oh wow.

      How much do I love that the rescue of Finch didn't take place until near the end? So much. I find Root to be a genuinely creep bad guy, riding that edge of being sane/crazy so well that it freaked me out. I've honestly haven't seen that many female characters on TV who managed to feel like a real threat to the leads (especially two males leads) of a show.

      Also, was it just me or was Root totally giving off a bad touch vibe with Finch? Poor guy. Yay for Reese finding his friend, that made me air punch in rl.moreless
    Cotter Smith

    Cotter Smith

    Deputy Director Denton Weeks

    Guest Star

    Loudon Wainwright III

    Loudon Wainwright III

    Sheriff Landry

    Guest Star

    Richard Bekins

    Richard Bekins

    Mr. Frey

    Guest Star

    Amy Acker

    Amy Acker


    Recurring Role

    Jay O. Sanders

    Jay O. Sanders

    Special Counsel

    Recurring Role

    Boris McGiver

    Boris McGiver


    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Fusco: Did you just jack my phone?
        Reese: It's a malware app. Little tip--someone offers you a great deal on any sort of male-enhancement pill, don't click on it.

      • Root: Amazing. We've managed to perfect the apple--a genetically modified version that never goes brown. And yet, we still haven't upgraded human beings. the human race has stalled out, Harold. And from what I've seen, most of it is rotten to the core.

      • Root: But you must see I'm on your side.
        Finch: I'm not on any side.
        Root: You know what I mean. I am the best friend, the best support, the best partner you will ever have. And definitely the most fun.

      • Reese: Carter, you can keep the rental. Guys are lending me a truck.
        Carter: Why is there a crossbow on the bed?
        Reese: Long story, but we're friends now.

      • Reese: Harold, meet Bear. Unfortunately, my apartment has a strict policy regarding dogs.
        Finch: I have a strict policy regarding rare first editions. Namely, don't eat them.

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      • International Airdates:
        Canada: October 4, 2012 on Citytv
        Australia: October 15, 2012 on Nine
        Turkey: January 17, 2013 on CNBC-e
        Finland: January 14, 2014 on MTV3

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