Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 2

Bad Code

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2012 on CBS

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  • how smart is root?

    Is this another case of the bad guy wanting to get caught? Root is supposed to be leaves enough info for Reese to track credit card info

    Root allows herself to get kicked around by Weeks. Did she know he would only kick her enough times to knock her out? For Finch's sake she woke up.

    This one was almost a little wink, wink with us.

    Finally, I'm enjoying Carter and wish there wouldv'e been a little more awkward humor at the motel.
  • root, you are my hero

    Power ful episode, evil but the core of root is on the right track.
  • Some Big Picture

    This episode made the show seem better and more interesting with a deeper plot, a sort of a nemesis, and some nice twists.
  • "Because you're wrong. HE proves you're wrong."

    The episode title "Bad Code" isn't hard to figure this time, since Root already used the line last week ("The Contingency").

    Where did Root come from? Childhood trauma? Sold her soul? Or is she just one of those who simply "want to watch the world burn" (to borrow a Nolan line from a certain movie franchise)? Well, you sort of find out. An event that seals the deal on her view of humanity is finally presented, but, as you might expect, there are still clues that come up even in the final moments (so remember your scene sequence and don't blink) that indicate this origin story is not that simple, and predates (and postdates) the incident. And we may never fully know any more than the fact that we don't know everything, which is part of Nolan's master storytelling--creating a complex, compelling villain whose motives you cannot fully know, and therefore who is that much more unnerving because of her unpredictability. (Once you've seen the episode, go back and review the scenes with the young Root as well as people's memories of her, and you'll see what I mean about her origin predating and postdating the incident. Awesome casting for both the adult and child Root!)

    But Root isn't the point here. Nor is the developing plotline with the few remaining NSA and OSC people who know about the Machine. Nor is Finch and his efforts to somehow resist and interfere with Root. No, the point here is in that line I quoted in the title of this review. When you hear it, you will cheer. And you will get the point.


    P.S. To paraphrase one of Reese's lines from this storyline, "Nolan you sly dog, you." Jonathan Nolan in interviews at Comic Con indicated that Root would be around for multiple episodes this season. He didn't say anything about them being sequential. :)
  • Oh wow.

    How much do I love that the rescue of Finch didn't take place until near the end? So much. I find Root to be a genuinely creep bad guy, riding that edge of being sane/crazy so well that it freaked me out. I've honestly haven't seen that many female characters on TV who managed to feel like a real threat to the leads (especially two males leads) of a show.

    Also, was it just me or was Root totally giving off a bad touch vibe with Finch? Poor guy. Yay for Reese finding his friend, that made me air punch in rl.
  • Another Great Episode

    Yet another fantastic week for POI! Very interesting to know Root's background (although i feel we've only just touched the tip of the iceberg...obviously). Loved how Finch left the phone behind for Reese. I'm also glad they didn't drag out Finch being gone for too long and they're just getting on with it. I don't think POI can or could do anything wrong. Have the guys really pi**ed off Root now though? Will we see the return of Alias? Who hopes we do? :)
  • Crazy Eyes

    This episode was all about the eyes: Finch's pained, terrified eyes. Reese's crazy eyes. Carter's concerned eyes. Fusco's exasperated eyes. Sam's snake eyes. Root's fake-cheerful, serious crazy eyes. The episode had its plotholes, but despite those, a wonderful story was delivered.

    It was over the top in that way that only PoI can pull off, but still subtle enough to keep you coming back for more. I wanted more about Root. I wanted more about the guys in Washington. I wanted more about the Alicia Corwin case. Those are likely the things that this season is going to focus on, though, so I'm okay wanting more. We're bound to get more of Finch's backstory as those stories progress, too. So long as this season isn't strictly case-of-the-week stories.

    I'm also hoping they didn't scrap Root from a larger role. It feels almost as though she's been downgraded for being too crazy.

    Wondering if this season POI will have the clash of the "titans of evil" - Root vs Elias - go at it. Could be interesting - Root has this thing for Finch and Elias for Reese. But not right now.

    This was a superb arc of writing and guest casting that only POI can produce. I'm just happy to have Finch back and looking forward to a couple of "normal" episodes while I catch my breath from the first 2! Just when you think this show can't possibly get any better - it does!

    I predict Person of Interest will be in the top 3 of most viewed shows (Nielsen) by the end of this season - or sooner. Maybe the Emmy folks will get serious this year also... This is such an amazing show with many outstanding facets!

  • Root of her evil

    This was a great episode. I am again impressed on how this show has upped its game so far in the second season. Seeinig some of ROOT's history and motivations behind her actions was interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more from this show.
  • Superhero Show done right

    This show continues to impress, I remember reading a review last year that called it a superhero show done right, and I could not agree more. The show is beginning to look more and more like batman with Finch being a combination of Alfred, Bruce Wayne and Oracle and Reese being a diluted version of the Dark Knight (Batman is massively intelligent). This Episode, like any batman comic or show, creates a Super Villain, one that shows their head from time to time to cause chaos and push the heroes to the limit. Root seems to fit the mould of Finch's arch enemy much as Elias is Reese's. The ending just cements this theory as the Supervillain is never fully Vanquished, just derailed to regroup once more.

    If they play it right, this show can get some stories from the comic books, to create arcs for each season and it will run for 10 seasons. To finish off with the Batman analogy Carter is like Montoya, Fusco is like Bullock; Zoe is like Catwoman and Elias like Black Mask. All that's left is to get Commissioner Gordon (Maybe the Judge in Season 1) and Nightwing/Robin

  • Finch is back, Root is out, for now.

    Like a backstory for Elias, Person of Interest make great work with the backstory of Root, she is crazy, but not to much crazy. Reese making 'friends' on Texas, Carter and Fusco help save the boss. POI continue to do his best. Can't wait for more.

  • East meets west

    There's something to be said about John Reese and Det. Carter's NY street smart mixing with good ol texas isn't there? the dynamic of the two lead to a case that was interesting and hilarious. I wanted to say I wasn't surprised by the reveal of Root's child hood but I genuinely was. This show is smart and just awesome. So glad that finch and Reese are back together again and they have a dog too! Its so odd couple of 2012. Looking forward to the return of root and Elias too.