Person of Interest

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 29, 2014 on CBS

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  • Decima kidnaps Finches former fianc

    Decima kidnaps Finches former fianc so that they can trade her for him.
  • Beta - POI

    Good to bring another character into the fold, and to see how that affected the team, but I still think everything from the writing to the action has gone down a bit the last few weeks.
  • If they hurt them all!

    Any lesser actor deliver that line, it not only be corny, cliche, cringe worthy .... etc etc, I will most probably switch off the TV and go to bed. Yet somehow, when Finch said that, it not only echo pain, loss, anger, his concern and love for Grace really shines through. Kudos to Michael Emerson for such a pitch perfect delivery.
  • Easy To Buy Off The Government

    Well, this has been in the works for some time. Harold is the centerpiece of Decima and they will do anything to finish Samaritan. Kidnapping Harold's love interest was almost a given. So, it happened and in the aftermath at the trade for Harold. Of course, this is a tipping point. But, Reese and company isn't out of the picture Grace is safe. next? That is the brilliance of a nicely paced episode. No great surprises, but it flowed into what will be a resolution perhaps? The storyline, the characters, and their roles all nicely coalesced into what comes next. Oh yeah, never trust elected officials after approximately five minutes into their term.
  • Kill Them All

    This has been coming for quite a while (Grace had to do double duty at some point), and while it's an industry standard for someone to have to sacrifice themselves for their lover, I think they pulled it off without making it too cliche here. I still have mixed feelings about the real-life couple, but ME and CP have wonderful chemistry and manage to keep themselves out of it, so meh. The episode itself seemed to going around in circles and ended up being rather predictable, but it wasn't a bad hour of television. Finch's major character developments over the past weeks tried to culminate here and it was perfectly delivered. Also, this seems to be the season that keeps on giving! Every time I think we're at the finale, I get a "stay tuned for our next episode!" So satisfying.
  • Miss Bear!

    Tragic and at the same time heartwarming - loved the episode but couldn't stop thinking where the Bear was.
  • BETA!

    Spoiler Alert.

    The hostage exchange scene was thrillign and heartwarming at the same time, this series just does not stop surprising me, and this episode was one of the best, additionally such a cliffhanger, but I still wonder, where is bear?

    So looking forward to this seasons end!!
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