Person of Interest

Season 1 Episode 15

Blue Code

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 16, 2012 on CBS

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  • The Hole Deepens

    Reese goes undercover in the smuggler trade to help so to be smuggler but ends up being an undercover cop. And for his personal reason he's going after LOS, during the whole episodes their were a couple of surprises. But, no full twists it was pretty much straight forward because of the amount of information that was provided in this episode that has some explanation on the CIA guys who are after Reese, and dirty cops. The main question and makes you wonder after watching this episode is how far does this hole go. Just like Finch, Reese has a mysterious past that needs understanding too.
  • Dirty CIA & Dirty Cops Collide With Reese

    This episode was dark, and viewers learned some prescient things about Reese and Fusco. These two are committed when things are at their worst, like when they're in mortal danger. Neither one flinches or capitualates. Reese infiltrates a drug smuggling ring only to find out his mark is actually an undercover cop to which he can't reveal himself to. Since you're "in" until you're "out" he feels he has to protect his former mark, and his family, at all costs. There's more than the usual "gang-type" bad guys behind the drugs, however. The kingpin, called "LSO" is actually a CIA operative financing the war on terror with drug money. The very guys trying to find Reese are now the ones he must not only save himself from, but save his undercover police agent too. Reese isn't afraid to gun down some of the collateral bad guys in order to proceed extracting the innocent. Furthermore, in saving the undercover cop he ends up taking a bullet and almost being burned to death in the process. As for Fusco, he has to extract sequestered files which are locked up so tightly that anyone who even is in the room in which the files are kept (in individual safes) goes to prison. In destroying the files he is caught by one of the inside "dirty cops" who then takes him to a wooded area to extract how he was alerted after which is to be murdered. Reese saves him and in the eleventh hour, but Fusco didn't crack. Revelations include that the PD's HR officer in charge is running the dirty cop operation and now Fusco has to get deep in bed with HR...They now own him for making any evidence disappear as for his association with the detective who would have eliminated him. Fusco's hopes of disassociating himself with his former dirty self are, effectively, dashed. As Reese predicted the CIA drug dealer named LSO walks and is taken out of the cold by non other than Reese's old department nemesis, the CIA agent who seeks Reese. Viewers are led to believe the CIA agent has LSO murdered. No loose ends.

    The show continues to gain momentum. Reese is a clear and present danger to the CIA and it looks like that part will be dealt with soon. While Reese simply seeks to protect innocent would-be victims his own life is much more in danger. LSO's last words were that Carter must be eliminated thus we're to believe she is in a much worse "snake pit" herself. We're still not privy to who is behind all of the underlying imminent danger, so the hook of this great show is set yet deeper again. The next episode can't come too soon!
  • Exceptional episode...

    Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, this show surprises me...Yes there are some intermediary episodes, like the previous one which was decent, but then it comes the good stuff...Seeing Reese shot and placed in a car then escaping nearly as the care was going to blow up was pivotal part...Seeing Fusco almost executed and being so serene and remaining loyal also was great...The story, saving a cop that goes undercover to eliminate a drug trafficking ring was also interesting...

    I think all in all this is a solid show and I would love to see a Season 2, 3,-100 and hope JJ Abrams will advocate for it, and not pay attention to the downgrader elitists who love to give low ratings to good shows.