Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 5

Bury the Lede

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • mmmm....glasses

    OK, I'm going to be totally superficial here, but our Mr. Reese looks really hot in glasses. (Let's face it, he looks hot in anything.) Finch's delight when he asked John if he was wearing those glasses was priceless.

    OK, I get that the black suit and white shirt are Reese's equivalent of a superhero costume, but it would be nice to see him in something else for a change. Batman doesn't wear his cape all the time. How about that brown leather jacket from the pilot or the black leather motorcycle jacket from Get Carter, or just a shirt of a different color? Even Finch gets to wear different ties every week. Maybe next week ..

    The evidence Maxine used to "out" Zambrano was pretty lame: 1) an anonymous call from a blocked number, 2) a guard who sees Zambrano arguing with an FBI agent, 3) "confirmation" from a low-level FBI agent who can't even break into the right house during a drug raid, and 4) "Zambrano yelled at me" after she threatened to accuse him of assaulting her. I knew before that wasn't going to work out well, but I guess that was the point. Scoop over truth. Great photo of Reese, but where did it come from? We haven't seen him smile like that since, well, never. I wish I had a readable screen cap of that profile to see how Finch described him.

    "Wait in the car." That's probably the first time anyone has said that to Mr. Reese. Loved that look he gave her.

    Good thing Reese was wearing those glasses at the police station or Donnelly would have recognized him.

    Why DID Reese take Maxine back to his place? Doesn't Finch have safe houses all over New York? There's always been one handy in the past. I agree with Finch about the risk of blowing Reese's cover. I want Reese's arms closet, though.

    Finally, it's nice to see Fusco get some attention. He's been little more than comic relief lately, so it's good to see his arc developing.