Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

Episode Recap

In the middle of the night, a cabbie picks up a fare who offers him $500 to circle the block until he calls for a pickup.

Reese and Finch are watching their new Number, Cuban cab driver Fermin Ordonez. Fermin was a baseball player who defected from Cuba and played in New York until he tore a ligament. Recently he emptied out everything from his saving account. Finch hails Fermin's cab and then hacks the onboard computer and clones the driver's computer. He then makes small talk, asking if he's a good judge of character. Fermin admits he has to be in his line of work and assesses Finch as an intellectual librarian. Impressed, Finch tips him heavily when they arrive at his destination.

Reese follows Fermin on motorcycle while Finch goes back to the library and piggybacks on Fermin's cell phone. He monitors the passengers and one of them, a drunk, asks Fermin to turn on the baseball game. He refuses, claiming the radio is broken, and the drunk gets violent, and Fermin pulls over and takes out a baseball bat from under his seat. The drunk runs off without paying and Reese figures that Fermin didn't want to hear about baseball after dropping out. Finch warns Reese that it's impossible for them to monitor all of Fermin's passengers.

Later, Finch calls Carter and her run a check on Fermin. It turns up clean and he asks her about her date with Detective Beecher. Irritated, Carter hangs up and reads an article on the trials of the HR members.

The Machine continues to monitor HR operations and overhears Scarface telling his men not to do business with HR.

Simmons meets with Quinn, the secret head of HR, and tells him that the FBI is wrapping up their investigation of HR. Quinn says that they're losing revenue and that they made a mistake ignoring Elias. Elias is still running the city's underworld from prison. Quinn tells Simmons to set up a meeting with Elias' people on the outside so that they can work together again. He tells Simmons to take some backup in case things go bad and Simmons calls Fusco.

Reese follows Fermin to an electrical store. The cab driver meets with the owner, Aziz Manoor, who gives his friend $800 for a laptop that he brought in earlier. Fermin takes the money out to his taxi and puts it in a garbage bag in the trunk. Reese sees it and realizes that Fermin has all of the money he withdrew in there as well. He then follows Fermin to a diner where the Cuban meets with Mendoza. The driver wants his wife Maria and son Jorge out of Cuba and hopes that Mendoza can do it. Mendoza warns Fermin that the price has doubled to get them both out and claims that it's beyond his control. He suggests that Fermin pursue an opportunity in America and the cab driver leaves, while Reese and Finch wonder what he plans to do.

Finch hacks the Cuban government's database and confirm that Fermin was a Cuban pitcher before he defected. The secret police are watching Maria carefully after her husband's defection and will throw her in prison if she attempts to escape. Meanwhile, Reese continues following Fermin and sees him meet with a former teammate and defector, Rafael Acosta. Rafael is a second basemen for New York. Fermin reluctantly asks Rafael for some money, and has had a good career year. still pitching with

When Simmons calls him, Fusco initially refuses to help. However, Simmons reminds him that he still has evidence that can link Fusco to the IA detective's death and Fusco shows up. The two of them, along with a third man, Bowman, meet with Scarface and his men. Simmons wants Elias' good will and in return offers the surviving Mafia Don, Grifoni, who is in witness protection. Scarface checks with his boss and then gives Simmons the go-ahead, but says that they want HR to deliver Grifoni personally.

Carter checks Fermin's GPS log and comes up with an address that he visited for 25 minutes. She goes there and discovers that the police and Secret Service are on the scene. She talks to Detective Tierney, who explains that a man was shot repeatedly and dumped in the park below. The victim has no ID and the Secret Service have moved in to investigate the crime. Carter goes over and talks to Regina Vickers, the head agent. She initially refuses to tell Carter anything until the detective insists that she needs the victim's ID. Vickers explains that the dead man was Vadim Pushkov and that they're looking for any kind of data storage device he had when he was murdered. All they have found is receipts for a coffee shop at JFK and half of a $100 bill. Vickers confirms that Pushkov arrived with no luggage, didn't rent a vehicle, and turned up dead a few hours later. She figures that whoever killed him drove him there, or was at least a witness. Once Vickers leaves, Carter calls Finch and tells him what's going on, and he tells her to find out what she can.

Finch runs a check on Pushkov and confirms that he was some kind of international criminal. Meanwhile, Fermin picks up a blonde woman with a Russian accent who has him take her to an address in Queens. Finch discovers that he can't hack her phone, suggesting it may be turned off, and Reese follows them onto a one-way street. He realizes that the woman is setting Fermin up. Meanwhile, the woman offers Fermin $100 for any information on Pushkov. She's particularly interested in anything he left in the cab. Fermin claims that he turned in the cab and the company would have anything left in the back, and the woman gives him the $100 and walks away.

Realizing that the trap is set, Reese gets into the cab and tells Fermin that he's in trouble. Two cars box them off in the alleyway and men get out and open fire on the cab. Following Reese's directions, Fermin rams the car ahead of him while Reese provides cover fire, and they manage to escape.

Once they get away, Fermin pulls over and asks Reese what's going on. Meanwhile, Finch traces the female passenger's call and confirms that she's working for the Estonian mob. Reese disables the taxi's GPS so that no one can track Fermin, and then asks what Pushkov did in the cab. Fermin insists that he doesn't know anything but Reese figures that he's lying and warns him that if he continues then he'll end up dead. The cab driver finally admits that he heard Pushkov trying to sell something that he called H-Said. When Pushkov left the cab, stiffing on the tip, the laptop was under his seat. When Fermin found it, he sold it to Aziz who found a buyer and gave Fermin the $800. Reese figures that Pushkov left the laptop in the cab for safekeeping and that it contains something important... important enough for Estonians to kill Pushkov.

Reese and Fermin go to Aziz's shop and find the owner murdered in the back. Finch checks Aziz's records and confirms that he sold it. He also warns Reese that the laptop may have a GPS beacon that the Estonians are using to track it. Aziz sold the laptop to a man on the Internet using the handle of D3mn8, and Finch figures that D3mn8 will sell the laptop on an Internet black market forum. While he sets up a meeting with D3mn8, Reese figures Fermin for the Estonian's next target and gets the cab driver out of the shop.

As Fermin drives away with Reese, Reese calls Carter and tells her to try and track down the blonde woman. He also tells Carter that Aziz is dead and texts her the shop addresses. As Fermin drives, he explains that Mendoza helped him defect in 2005, but when he tore his ligament he couldn't play and he's been a nobody ever since. Mendoza is in it for the money and raised the price when Fermin put together the original $40,000. Fermin worries that he will never see his family and that his son Jorge won't even remember his father, but Reese assures him that he did the right thing for his family and that he has to trust him if he wants to make things right.

Carter meets with Vickers and claims that Reese is her CI. Vickers explains that Pushkov was a lone wolf hacker that has tapped into different government database in the past. She doesn't know what he came up with this time but it's clearly something important. Meanwhile, Carter gets Reese's text message and takes Vickers there.

Finch finally confirms that H-Said is the Homeland Security Automated Identification database. He calls Reese with the info and explains that Pushkov stole the database, which has information on thousands of travelers. Any terrorist or criminal organization could use the stolen credentials to create fake Ids. Since the information is useless if it becomes public knowledge that it's available, the Estonians have been killing anyone who knows about it. Meanwhile, D3mn8 posts the laptop in a forum and asks for $50,000. Finch figures that D3mn8 knows what he really has and tries to set up a meet to buy the laptop. Once he does, he sends Reese and Fermin to the meet address. They find nothing there but a security camera mounted on the wall.

Fusco is at his desk when Simmons calls to tell him that he and Bowman will get Grifoni and deliver him to Scarface. Fusco refuses and Simmons warns him that he's sealing his fate. Once Fusco hangs up, he discovers an email with a video of him shooting the IA detective, Davidson. Simmons then sends Fusco a text message telling him to follow orders.

D3mn8 calls Finch and tells him that the deal is off because he thinks Reese looks like a Fed. However, Finch piggybacks on the signal and traces D3mn8 to the Yeongson Pool Hall. As Reese and Fermin go back to the taxi, two Estonians track them down and attack. While Reese fends them off, Finch realizes that he'll have to go to the pool hall and leaves with Bear. Meanwhile, Fusco figures that he needs help dealing with HR and calls Reese. Reese says that he's busy and will get back to him later. Out of options, Fusco calls Simmons and says that he'll do the job.

Carter and Vickers check the security footage at the electronics store and discover that the blonde woman came in and talked to him a few minutes before the owner was killed. Vickers IDs the woman from Interpol files as Irina Kapp.

When Finch arrives at the pool hall, he spots D3mn8 in the back. When D3mn8's henchman tries to stop Finch, Bear growls at him and the man gets out of the way. When he sits down with D3mn8, Finch realizes that he's already made a deal with the Estonians for the laptop. He offers D3mn8 double his asking price of $50,000 but the man has to move out of his mother's basement. Finch calls him by his real name, Albert, revealing that he knows a great deal about him, and warns that the Estonians are not nice people. D3mn8 tales the money and leaves. As Finch heads for the door, Reese finishes off his opponents and says that he's on the way. However, Irina is waiting for Finch and demands the laptop. He refuses to hand it over and Irina calls in four of her men. Reese arrives and attacks them, and Bear takes down one of them while Fermin knocks out another with a well-thrown pool ball. Irina slips out in the confusion and Reese calls Carter. She tells them that they traced Irina's phone to the pool hall and tells them to get out.

Fusco and Bowman go to the safehouse and wait for Grifoni to come out. While they wait, Fusco privately takes a call from Reese, who wants to know why Fusco called earlier. Fusco says that it's nothing and hangs up, and Bowman tells him that Grifoni is on the move. When they go after him, he laughs and says that they're going to get hit. His bodyguard gets out of the car and shoots Bowman dead. However, Grifoni leaves Fusco alive and explains that he's trying to get into Elias' good graces. He's under orders to have Fusco give a message to HR.

Fermin pulls over to check the damage on his cab. Finch tells him not to bother because they're getting him a new one. Reese gives Fermin the laptop as a tip and the cab driver takes it to the station. He meets with Vickers and Carter and offers to make a deal. In return for the laptop, he wants some money and some help from the Coast Guard.

Later, Fermin goes to a park to watch baseball, while nearby Reese plays catch with Bear. Carter brings Jorge and Maria for a family reunion. The couple hug and then Bear brings a ball over so that Fermin can play catch with his son. Meanwhile, Reese asks Carter if she knows what's going on with Fusco. She doesn't but promises to check on him, and Reese leaves with Bear.

At the station, Fusco tells Simmons that they were double-cross. Simmons wonders if Fusco is working with Elias and the detective explains that they let him live so he could give HR a message. Elias' message is simple: "Go to hell." Fusco echoes the sentiment and walks away. Realizing that Fusco is resigning, Simmons calls Carter. A minute later, she tells Fusco that she received an anonymous tip that a cop murdered Davidson.