Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • OMG... almost epic.

    I'm going to start with my one quibble with this episode. The POI's story was a little confused. Was he a victim or a perp? For the most part I can follow why the Machine chose a person but this week it was messy and then to add a bit of insult to the plight of a lot of people really trying to make it in America, it was really shmatlzy. Nevertheless he was compelling because of his wicked throwing arm and the fact that he did have a goal the writers just kind of screwed up in making sense of it.

    Other than that, this episode was perfect.

    -Bear got some real action this episode. Getting fed and a lovely smile from Finch, attacking estonian mobsters at the Korean pool hall and then had a hearty jaunt in the park AND giving the finishing touch to the POI story. Whew. Go Bear :)

    - Finch looked positively menacing while giving a hacker 100,000 dollars. seriously dude, it was the most backward threat ever. Take the money or die? I want a friend like finch.

    - Fusco's storyline. It was dark and brought the HR & Elias strings back into relevance. Not gonna lie, really worried about him and thats a good thing. He's more than a gopher for finch and reese.

    -reese not in a suit for most of the episode. Don't get me wrong, he works the suit but even with the plethora of suits in NY its a little frustrating that somehow he hasn't gotten caught.

    -that final walking away shot of Reese and bear

    - Carter. Dang that woman is not another gopher she's really into it and good at keeping up on top of that she has yet to know the existence of the machine which kinda makes her twice as awesome in my book.