Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

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  • *Bear* in mind when watching this episode ...

    - that this episode--while it contains a silver laptop that foreign baddies are trying to acquire and the government is tracking down, as well as double-crosses that end badly for some, Fusco being pressured into doing HR's dirty work, Carter showing her sensitive side, and plays on father-son-sports strings--is not called "Matsya Nyaya" (All of that aside, it is a completely different yet just-as-awesome story--it's just always fun to notice the "cookies" along the way. Which brings up the side note: is the laptop connected to the flashbacks from "Matsya Nyaya," or just a nicely-placed red herring?)

    - that unless your name is Root, don't try to out-hack Finch.

    - that if you're an attractive blonde woman, you're probably either sadly connected to a government spy-hitman (Anya "Foe" and of course Jessica), or you're a very, very bad girl.

    - that a tweed vest makes you look like a professor or a librarian, so if you're Ok with that, have at it.

    - that Elias is not to be messed with, even without a single onscreen appearance.

    - that it's a really bad idea to try to trap Reese in a "kill box"

    - that the only worse idea than that is to threaten a child or someone Reese cares about--especially don't try to threaten his best friend, and never, ever, his dog!

    - that the dog in question is a Special Forces-trained Belgian Malinois that, like most of its breed, will readily risk its own life to protect that of its "family" (but is an overgrown puppy when it's around its "family").

    - that I am 100% certain that I will cry like a big baby if that dog ever dies.

    Oh, and be sure not to miss the preview for next week at the end, during which you should also "*Bear* in mind" ...

    - that next week's episode is number 10 for this season--the midseason finale before the holiday break. To put that in perspective for you, last season's episode 10 was a little story called "Number Crunch"

    - that in addition to bringing the HR and FBI story arcs to a head, the episode also will feature a first-time-ever flashback to Reese's youth, apparently complete with Mama ("Laura Reese")! (Ok, we all know that Reese isn't his mother's real last name either, but you didn't expect them to actually give it away in a cast list, did you?)

    Gonna be an un*Bear*able wait over the break! :)