Person of Interest

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 06, 2012 on CBS

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    After last weeks Lovy Dovy episode, this week got back to normal combining action, comedy and moving the plot up. POI is one of the best if not the best show currently on TV. This show keeps you on the edge of your seat and this episode delivered a pretty amazing concept of trying to reunite your family. But the highlight of this episode was HR and Elias (although he didn't physically appear in this episode). The show has combined a number of great Villains and i think the writers aren't done with introducing villains. Can't wait for next weeks episode which seems to be amazing.
  • Great episode!

    From seeing the promo, I could make out that this episode would be a great one. It was different from other eps. It was nice seeing Reese using a bike to keep track of his POI. He makes the bike look cooler. The ending of this episode was brilliant. Reese playing fetch with the dog.

    HR's storyline was nice, too. It was wierd to not see Elias in an episode where he is largely a part of. I wish we get some info on the Scarface cop. Fusco should have told Reese that Simmons was blackmailing. I don't know why he didn't.

    Finally, Bear got some action! Who else's heart stopped when they were about to shoot Bear? Mine certainly did. Finch was nicely intimidating when dealing with the laptop. He should more out on the field. I hope he kicks some ass once alongside Reese.

    Can't wait for next week's cliffhanger episode.
  • Great Plots Are The Key Of A Awesome Episode

    bring all the good elements of POI. The plot of HR mix of the Elias plot is a such good idea (I think both go into war for power soon). Reese badass like always and save Bear in the process. I feel bad for Fusco and all his conflitcs, John and Carter need to help him.

    The last 15 minutes are truly awesome. The action, the tension, the twist are really great.
  • *Bear* in mind when watching this episode ...

    - that this episode--while it contains a silver laptop that foreign baddies are trying to acquire and the government is tracking down, as well as double-crosses that end badly for some, Fusco being pressured into doing HR's dirty work, Carter showing her sensitive side, and plays on father-son-sports strings--is not called "Matsya Nyaya" (All of that aside, it is a completely different yet just-as-awesome story--it's just always fun to notice the "cookies" along the way. Which brings up the side note: is the laptop connected to the flashbacks from "Matsya Nyaya," or just a nicely-placed red herring?)

    - that unless your name is Root, don't try to out-hack Finch.

    - that if you're an attractive blonde woman, you're probably either sadly connected to a government spy-hitman (Anya "Foe" and of course Jessica), or you're a very, very bad girl.

    - that a tweed vest makes you look like a professor or a librarian, so if you're Ok with that, have at it.

    - that Elias is not to be messed with, even without a single onscreen appearance.

    - that it's a really bad idea to try to trap Reese in a "kill box"

    - that the only worse idea than that is to threaten a child or someone Reese cares about--especially don't try to threaten his best friend, and never, ever, his dog!

    - that the dog in question is a Special Forces-trained Belgian Malinois that, like most of its breed, will readily risk its own life to protect that of its "family" (but is an overgrown puppy when it's around its "family").

    - that I am 100% certain that I will cry like a big baby if that dog ever dies.

    Oh, and be sure not to miss the preview for next week at the end, during which you should also "*Bear* in mind" ...

    - that next week's episode is number 10 for this season--the midseason finale before the holiday break. To put that in perspective for you, last season's episode 10 was a little story called "Number Crunch"

    - that in addition to bringing the HR and FBI story arcs to a head, the episode also will feature a first-time-ever flashback to Reese's youth, apparently complete with Mama ("Laura Reese")! (Ok, we all know that Reese isn't his mother's real last name either, but you didn't expect them to actually give it away in a cast list, did you?)

    Gonna be an un*Bear*able wait over the break! :)
  • Fusco's Up

    Another great installation and a wonderful addition to the overarching plot. The heat's turning up on Fusco right in time for the mid-season finale. Carter's getting in even more with the feds - almost to the point I could see her receiving a promotion down the line. I enjoyed that we got to see a little bit of Bear almost in action. Reese keeps saying that if anyone touches Finch, Bear'll bite off their faces, and it seems to be true. Finch had one of those glorious moments of intimidation in the manner only he can pull off. The case this week was a bit convoluted, but it turned out alright and through legal means, too! Enjoyable episode with a solid landing.
  • OMG... almost epic.

    I'm going to start with my one quibble with this episode. The POI's story was a little confused. Was he a victim or a perp? For the most part I can follow why the Machine chose a person but this week it was messy and then to add a bit of insult to the plight of a lot of people really trying to make it in America, it was really shmatlzy. Nevertheless he was compelling because of his wicked throwing arm and the fact that he did have a goal the writers just kind of screwed up in making sense of it.

    Other than that, this episode was perfect.

    -Bear got some real action this episode. Getting fed and a lovely smile from Finch, attacking estonian mobsters at the Korean pool hall and then had a hearty jaunt in the park AND giving the finishing touch to the POI story. Whew. Go Bear :)

    - Finch looked positively menacing while giving a hacker 100,000 dollars. seriously dude, it was the most backward threat ever. Take the money or die? I want a friend like finch.

    - Fusco's storyline. It was dark and brought the HR & Elias strings back into relevance. Not gonna lie, really worried about him and thats a good thing. He's more than a gopher for finch and reese.

    -reese not in a suit for most of the episode. Don't get me wrong, he works the suit but even with the plethora of suits in NY its a little frustrating that somehow he hasn't gotten caught.

    -that final walking away shot of Reese and bear

    - Carter. Dang that woman is not another gopher she's really into it and good at keeping up on top of that she has yet to know the existence of the machine which kinda makes her twice as awesome in my book.