Hi guys!
I really can't remember the name of a movie I saw some time ago. As it's in the same vein as POI, I thought I could reach out to you for an answer.

I watched the, in my opinion, superb TV-series Rubicon, AMC (2010). After the finale I started to wonder where I'd seen something similar. Especially the metal door in the alley with the surveillance camera.

This is what I remember from the movie. Bear with me as this is not much. And, no - it didn't help feeding the scattered lines of code to The Machine - she just replied "irrelevant".

  • The main character needs a job
  • He gets a job as a "door man" where he needs to sit in a room, watching a monitor of a door in an alley.
  • When someone comes, he's to let them in if they have a password or a code
  • Don't ask any questions, don't tell anyone where you work
  • He's not to leave the room at any circumstance
  • Off course something happens and he leaves the room
  • The lead might be played by Jake Gyllenhaal or someone who looks like him
  • I have no production year
Sounds like your job?

So, which film is this?
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