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With the foundation shaking reveal this week that there were other "Machine" like projects in the works aside from Finch's we were granted a look into the predictive futures calculated by the Machine once again. While I feel like retroactively it seems kind of obvious that Finch and Nathan couldn't have been the only ones working on a "Machine", it had really and truly never crossed my mind that there may in fact be another "Machine" which makes it such a compelling and ingenious development.

Considering the fact that the Machine had previously denoted Samaritan as being DEACTIVATED, I feel like this revelation was news not only to our heroes, but also to the Machine. Most intriguing of all is the Operational Conflict Potential which reached higher than 6% and was still increasing when the episode cut out. Clearly our beloved Machine will soon be in conflict with Samaritan, but who will be controlling it?

In addition to the real life PRISM program acting as a decoy, there is also another program called Fairview listed as a decoy program. Any ideas on what Fairview might be? Other deactivated programs - Tides, Thinthread, Something Wind, Trailblazer, Genoa, and Genoa II (question - was someone a writer on The Newsroom or what?).

In addition to the question of the other machine was the outcome of the confrontation between Finch and Control.

It is not looking good from Samantha Shaw. The only time we have been witness to numbers close to this bad was just before Reese was arrested two episodes ago and I don't think his chances for death passed 80%. One of the interesting implications here is that Shaw will be willing to risk herself to try and save Finch in an impossible situation (heart melting for Shaw emotional development) as her death is by far away the most likely.

Shaw - 85.05%
Arthur Claypool - 46.18%
Finch - 43.51%
Hersh - 26.57%
Control Agent Vermillion 7A - 23.30%
Control Agent Vermillion 7C - 19.30%
Control 11.65%

Will Shaw and Finch survive this encounter? (via Root perhaps?)

Will Samaritan be conveniently located in Colorado near John and Fusco?

Who will control Samaritan?

What is Fairview?


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