This week's episode gave us our first look into the Machine's new nemesis (?) - Vigilance. In one of the opening sequences we watched as the members of Vigilance voted on whether or not the Number of the week should be killed or spared. I felt like there were two interesting shots that could be fun for everyone to analyze this week.

1) The Geographic Diversity of Vigilance

Unlike last season's season long international bad guy, it looks like Vigilance is primarily a North American outfit. I would have initially thought that either Vigilance was an international group or based on their obsession with the American Revolution, possibly a purely U.S.A. organization. Based on this map it looks like the members of Vigilance populate both the USA and Canada, with only one tiny dot in the south that I believe sits in south Texas, rather than Mexico. It looks like its time to come up with a name for Vigilance's ideal new world in Canamerica? I think I got close to the entire map of voters (88%) and based on my world view (Texas raised) it's a little weird to me that the gigantic population centers of Houston and the San Antonio/Austin corridor had no members of Vigilance.

2) The final vote total

Is Vigilance a democracy and Collier is the "President" and that's why they have a vote?

Why were there no Vigilance members in Houston, San Antonio or Austin?

What other major cities do you see that are completely free from Vigilance?

Was there an East Coast/West Coast bias towards voting to save/kill the hacker?

What should Vigilance's Canada-USA new world country be named?


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Oct 31, 2013
I found this democracy thing a bit stange. Democracy of this level usualy doesn't have a leader like Collier, he didn't strike me as the man who would do what all the other tell him. He needs a lot of freedom. All it did was make me wonder even more: will the memebers vote on all the subjects they think are important, will everybody be available to vote all the time, what does democracy for them mean etc etc.
Oct 30, 2013
I believe they believe they are a true democracy where every member has an equal and individual say rather the republic we actually are (and that might be the core of their issues with the public access to information being the driving cause)

It kind of looks like Oregon totally is not represented (which is weird to me, I still currently live in Massachusetts but that Time test tells me I should live in Oregon).

It looked to me there were contingents in every region who were on the save the hacker side, except Ohio and Illinois.

Something like the People's Democracy of North America.
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