Ok, here's the thing - I'm really impatient to get to next episode (aren't you?), because I can't wait to see how they'll play out the big mock trial.
How do YOU think the different people "on trial" will play this?
Will Greer defend his plan to keep us all safe by way of computer overlord?
Will Control say "You can't HANDLE the truth!"?
And most importantly:
Will Finch even try to defend himself?
We've already seen that he is, at best, ambivalent about what he has let loose on the world - yes, most of us are safer for it, but we're also placed at risk, and some end up paying a price. He has defended his actions in the past, but things have changed lately - the Northern Lights project is shut down, Vigilance possibly came into existence as a result of The Machine, and Samaritan was brought online as a result of both the success and the limitations of our favourite AI.
Will Harold keep his mouth shut rather than spill his secrets on live broadcast?
Will he plead guilty, burdened by guilt and the pervading doubts he's had all along?
Or will he plead his defense - The Machine's defense - with all the passion of a distant, but loving father?
And I can't help but wonder - will The Machine try to intercede on its Father's behalf..?
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Harold put in all the checks and balances he could to make the Machine independant enough to be useful while still being shackled enough to make sure she doesn't take over. He's clean and I trust Collier is a reasonable enough man (though blinded by anger) to see that.
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