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Hey everyone, I am first going to write about which episode and character my idea came from, and why, than the follow up episode, and finally the story arc that develops from it.

The Origin episode:

Last season there was the all Finch episode where he went undercover as a high school math substitute teacher "2-Pi-R" There the POI was a teenage boy named Caleb, who, actually to Finch's surprise turns out to be a genius in math and computers equal, perhaps more than him, and Finch is THE best in the world. At the end Finch left Caleb with a way to contact him if he needed anything, and basically told him that he is the legendary "Hacker who got away"

I think 2_Pi-R is one of the best episodes of POI, and I have been hoping they would bring back Caleb. I'd just llike to say that I think 2_Pi-R is one of the best episodes of the entire series!, We had seen Finch go into to the field many times by than, and this wasn't his first solo mission, Season 1 had the stalker in the apartment building, Reese was injured at the time but he was still watching out for Finch. In "2-Pi-R" while he does team up with Fusco, which I loved, but as much as Fusco did help his use of their surveillance is limited and he isn't a former covert black ops agent, so Finch was for the most part truly on his own. Oh and just for the hell of it, my idea for the name of a spin off "The Adventures of Finch and Fusco!" lol. Anyway it;s usually Reese who ends up facing the perpetrator, and the random highly trained killer, but this episode Finch faced something more dangerous and deadly than any foe Reese fought, a room full of high school students, as a substitute! lol Bu than we got that great speech about Pi, which actually made me interested in Math for a little while! lol However the best part was how Finch "stalks" this kid, is elated when he discovers that Caleb solved that super complex math problem. Only to be truly disapointed and angry at Caleb and himself when he thinks Caleb is the mastermind of the local drug dealers, Finch was so crushed for believing in Caleb, but in classic POI fashion nothing is ever what it seems. The truth in the end is much more tragic, as Finch discovered that Caleb blames himself for the death of his brother, and it being a Finch episode it's an ending without violence and yet still full of suspense and emotion as any of the action Reese oriented endings.

The Follow up episode:

Ok so in a new episode, the nameless government Machine conspirators learn of and approach Caleb under the guise of being recruiters for the CIA. They tell him they want to offer him a job, serve his country and all that, by creating a program he thinks is for good, but is really about a way for them to control the machine and beating the "I want to control the Machine" contenders Reese/Finch, nameles
government, That other group from the end of last season run by the old British guy, gotta be one or two more.

Anyway eventually Caleb figures it out, NGC threaten his family, yes I'm fully aware this type of thing has been done before but what hasn't? Reese and Finch arrive to save him, and of course Caleb being the next Finch finds out about The Machine, and therein lies what comes next.

The aftermath/arc:

After the rescue and Caleb knowing about The Machine Finch decides to put Caleb into hiding, wanting to send him away. However Caleb is angry about what happened and Finch recalls that did horrible things out of anger while justifying it, and realizes that Caleb is heading down the ame path. So not wanting the sins of his past to happen to Caleb he decides to keep him around and be a mentor. That would give him a way to be a reccuring character like Leon, assisting Finch and eventually helping out in cases. This would also be an interesting way to have Root be a part of this arc as she is crazy enough to feel that Caleb doesn't deserve to know Finch's secrets about the machine, only she does. And that means by her logic, she wants to kidnap, torture the info out of him and than kill him, It would also be a way to have someone else who,technically wise,could be a match for Root should Finch not be able to do anything. As I said it feels like this season could be called "The Machine War" or another clever name suggested by Syrinx2 could be "Rage Against The Machine", Thanks! Anyway as great as Finch is, sometimes its good to have assets. Although I would want him to be a reccuring character, since people have been started an all out hate campaign against a certain newly made regular.

So tell me would you guys want something like that story arc? Or at least have Caleb come back in some capacity?

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