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Tuesday 10:00 PM on CBS

In an exclusive confirmed by Internet bloggers, CBS plans to do a Person of Interest spinoff for the 2014-15 season revolving around Bear, the Belgian Malinois which has captured the hearts of millions of viewers since his introduction in "The Contingency" at the beginning of Season 2.

The show, tentatively titled Animal of Interest, will air on Sunday nights at 7/6 central, replacing the long-running 60 Minutes. CBS hopes to draw family audiences in the time slot. The show will feature Bear protecting the "Really Really Irrelevants." Each week, the Machine gives Bear the license numbers of pets which the Belgian Malinois and an elite team of animals must seek out and determine whether they are victim or perpetrator.

Casting for co-stars has yet to be confirmed. CBS will neither conform nor deny rumors that Marley, Babe, Crookshanks, and Moose the Dog will join Bear on his missions. Garfield has posted on Twitter claiming that he has been cast in the role of Detective Fusco's pet cat, but reporters dismiss this as the long-running incredibly worn-out feline making a desperate attempt to become relevant.

Insiders have reported that Mr. Bigglesworth will be the team's recurring nemesis, playing the evil pet of evil Greer, the evil head of evil Decima.

Cameos by Michael Emerson, Sarah Shahi, and Amy Acker are in negotiation. Kevin Chapman is quoted as saying, "Damn, I need a 70" flat-screen TV. Sign me up and throw some of that money my way!" When approached for comment, Jim Caviezel simply put his face in his hands and wept quietly, then threatened to kneecap the interviewer.

When asked for a statement, Bear had this to say:

Ruff. Ruff ruff. Arrff. Grrrrr. Rowlll. Arrff?

Translated from Canine, this means:

Ik ben ontroerd en blij dat CBS vertrouwen heeft in mijn talent om kijkers aan te trekken en ik zal mijn best doen om die eer te rechtvaardigen. Is dat Kibbles n Bits??

Translated from Dutch, this means:

I am touched and pleased that CBS has faith in my ability to draw an audience and will do my best to deserve the honor. Is that Kibbles 'n Bits?

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