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Let’s be honest. We miss Bear! He has been absent in the last four episodes while he had been present in so many of the episodes since he came into our lives in the first episode of season 2. Especially in those episodes he is absent, we get a good feeling that the TV.com commenters really love him: they are always telling the others they missed him and they are asking for more screen time. The promo for next week season finale shows he will make an appearance with an impact (literally).

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Back to the star of this post: Bear. It will be great having him back, but before we get there I would like to take some time to share some of the best moments Bear has given me on the series.

Bear is a Belgian Malinois adopted by John Reese. As trained military dog, he responds only to Dutch commands. They meet in one of those POI scenes that are best because they do not show the fight but implicitly let us know what happened. In this case we only see one guy being thrown out of a window. Being Dutch I love that our language plays a role in the series. Understanding the Dutch they use is another thing, they all have quite an American accent. But, I once even learned a new Dutch word that was used by Reese..

When Reese first encounters Bear he is called Butcher. Reese gives Bear his new name because he ate the bearer bonds Leon had stolen while waiting in the car for Reese and Leon to return.

I am an avid book reader and and especially love libraries. I have amsl one at homes that covers about one room. I loved it when Finch’s hideout was ‘The Library’. We get to know that Bear also loves rare first edition books but not in the way Finch and I love them. He brings one to Finch in his mouth, much to Finch's dismay.

Although at first, Finch does not seem pleased to have Bear around, he begins to warm up to him when Bear helps him to recover after Root abducted him. We now know Finch loves him and Bears relation with all the others is the same. He is a full part of the team, a central character in the series and everyone loves him. We have seen scenes where he is taken care off by all of the major characters. I especially love this picture of his interaction with Leon.

On some occasions, Bear goes undercover with Reese.My favourite one is where Bear pretends to be sick so that Finch and Reese can protect a vet who is threatened by four armed youths intent on stealing ketamine. Reese shoots three of the would-be thieves, but Bear catches the fourth who held the vet at gunpoint.

Being an ex military dog, Bear has some outstanding fighting abilities. Regrettably we seldom see those abilities as Reese and the others are very well able to handle all the bad guys themselves. In some instances his help is necessary, like the time they met with some Estionan mafia guys.

But let’s be honest, Bear is also at his best in the moments where he adds to the chemistry and humour that Finch and Reese give us. The scene where they both bathe him is a great one.

The producers never gave Bear any special treatment like we can see in this picture where the rest of the cast is looking very cold and they only one being comfortable really seems to be Bear.

As a bit of extra info, Bear has his own (unofficial Twitter) account that can be found here. It is in Dutch, thus coming from either a fellow Dutchman or a Flemish Belgian one. He has got almost 6000 followers.

Before we realise that the moments we will have with Bear on the season finale are the best, what were your favourite Bear moments until now?
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