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Last episode from Person Of Interest “/” was impressive. It gave us that sparkling mix of mystery, mythology, humour, action and character development that only Person Of Interest seems to be able to pull of right now. There have been many Root haters, but they seem to come around a bit. Even Shaw got some positive feedback.

But this episode also gave us something different: vibes between Root and Shaw. First we saw Root giving Shaw a compliment.


and in the end of the episode we Shaw taking care of Root.

and Root doing what seemed to be flirting or maybe just teasing a bit again.

This vibe gave way to a lot of comments about those two. A few in the comment section of the review were:
  • what did Root mean by never being able to make Shaw look bad? Love interest maybe?
  • omg it's sooooo gonna be root and shaw.... root is totally crushing on her
  • Root and Shaw should be together asap
  • Shaw and Root would make the cutest couple
  • those two are the new old married couple
  • Root and Shaw do make a cute couple of psychopaths
Even if we think it might be just Root playing with Shaw to get her attention for some other reason, it fits her character fine. It did made me think about all the couples that could come to exist in the series. We have only seen a few until now. Aside from the depth of the relation Reese and Carter had, which we probably will never know, we have only seen Reese and Morgan and Finch and Grace. Reese and Morgan (let’s call them MoRe) were together a few times because they just enjoyed each others company. Finch and Grace of course were a real couple. I rooted for Fusco in the episode ‘Prisoners dilemma’ where he was protecting supermodel Kurkova. After they survived their ordeal, she kisses him and tells him to call her. But we never knew if anything happened.

It is well established that most relations originate in a working environment. Hell yeah, I met my wife while working for the same company. So why wouldn’t there be any in the future between the people working for The Machine? Although it may have started out otherwise (they believed The Machine was working for them and Root was on another side), they are now all part of the same ‘company’.

Although Finch was called a-sexual in the comments, I do not believe it, I think he is solely committed to Grace Hendricks. If they ever come together again I would like to call their relationship Finicks (pronounce: Phoenix, as in the the bird rising from its ashes). The coming together of Finch and Root (FRoot) as maybe the Machines parents in the future will as I believe, never happen.

Root, Shaw, Reese and Fusco give us some possible combinations that I have read people rooting for over the last year. Root was flirting with Shaw this episode (it would make ShOot)), Shaw en Reese (in that case ShEese) make an awesome couple on the work floor, but I wonder how it would work at home for them. Root and Reese (making it RoSe) on the other hand, would make life interesting in another way for each other. They might complement each other in a way that they would come home in the evening just out of curiosity what might happen next. We all want Fusco to have some love in his life. He deserves it, but could he handle one of the women? He has grown over the last year enormously so he might do fine as part of either RoSco (him and Root) or FuSh (him and Shaw). But I’m not sure he wants to as he would rather have a quiet life (so he says). It’s just the question if any of the women come to love him and think he is ‘up for the job’.

Last but not least, we can not forget one of our favourite protagonists: Bear. We just would love for him to be able to meet any female dog he would like to.

Who do you think might become a couple in the series (multiple answers possible)?


Of course, if you know of a better portmanteau for the combinations then my attempts, please add those suggestions in the comments too. Have fun!
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