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Please read here my full explanation. I didn't think I needed to post that as well but I was wrong, it is fair to show the complete point of view.


Dearest Fandom,

It’s possible that some of you already know how much I care about Person of Interest and, in particular, about it staying coherent and in character.

There's been a particular moment, during "The Crossing", which has been quite controversial, hence I have a question for you and I’d love to know what you think:

Would you sign a petition that asks to see an alternative scene at the morgue between Reese and Carter during "The Crossing" 3x09, as an extra feature in the DVD box?


- John doesn't tell her that she was the one who saved him;

- the kiss doesn't happen (they share a hug instead, for example).

It's quite probable that they have more versions of that scene and it would be nice to see the one that follows the original script as additional feature in Season 3 DVD Box.

Just to be clear: I do think that Carter had a huge influence on Reese and that she was essential for his inner balance, but I believe the very first recognition should go to Finch, as John stated many times during Season 1 and 2 (1x10, 1x14, 1x16, 2x01, 2x03, 2x10, 2x13 + many other hints).

I also believe the last events give me some additional credit, because after being crushed and heartbroken, John decided to come back all the same, because he needed the job.

But that’s my opinion, what do you think, guys? Let's vote!


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