Judging from tonight's promo for next week's "Endgame," it doesn't look good for the minimally-appearing Fusco.

Or are they are toying with us and some other hero will fall?


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Nov 07, 2013
Side note: When I first saw the preview, I thought the guy standing next to tied-up Fusco was Simmons, but upon further review, the hair is much too long and the guy is wearing a suit. Looked similar to (and likely is) the white-haired guy who was "assisting" Terney with Hayden and the ball (a guy whom Shaw shot). But there's always the possibility of a separate unknown grudge...

Nov 07, 2013
Maybe no one dies, and Finch "falls" after losing his balance
Nov 06, 2013

Well, given Fusco's preview appearance above, here's hoping that his "decorating" scene this week was like the repeated references to the autopilot in The Dark Knight Rises. But, Fusco fans, I'm sorry to say that I'm sensing more The Dark Knight than The Dark Knight Rises here. (After all, the promo image for this season on Amazon only has Reese, Finch, and Carter. True, the hero that falls could be Shaw, but I'm not thinking that's the case.)

After all, next week is the first time in POI history that the episode title was included onscreen at the end of the (too-short) preview.

Now, Mr. Nolan has been known to yank the rug out more than once, but we're approaching midseason, not the finale. The past two seasons have had the first half end on very dramatic low notes (Reese being shot, Reese getting arrested).

I believe this will be Lionel's exit from the show, and I believe that I'll shed more than a few man-tears when Reese says goodbye to him. Do I believe that he'll exit to a hut on Tahiti? My guess is no. Not that many times close together will that occur.

Besides, I believe that Harold's guilt over the situation will play directly into the Root-Machine arc, as noted above.

(LOL the tech nerd in me just got the injoke of me typing "Root-Machine.")

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