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#1 Say Hello to Samantha Shaw (Episode 16)
When I head that Sarah Shahi was going to guest star on Person of Interest I was ecstatic. Her chemistry with Damian Lewis on the completed underrated Life was as close to perfection as a pairing can get and I have been waiting for her to land a good show since then (Fairly Legal wasn’t my cup of tea). Not only did we get a guest starring role from her, but Jonathan Nolan also stepped in to direct an entire episode dedicated to the introduction of her character. It did not disappoint. I always assumed that our answer to what the government actually did with the real numbers would just be brushed off with a one liner or exposition somewhere down the line, never did I think that we would be treated to an episode that showed us how the “real” Finch and Reese’s of the world operate in the field. To top it all off was the amazing end to the episode featuring all of our favorite characters. Also *spoiler* Shaw will be back as a series regular this season (hooray!).

John Gives Fusco a Hard Time, We Meet Leon, and oh yeah BEAR! (Episode 1)
There are a couple of great moments sprinkled into this short scene and some much longer implications for our beloved recurring characters. John sent Fusco to run down the number of the week who had escaped police custody. Unfortunately for Fusco (but fortunately for us) Fusco and the number of the week (Leon) were captured by the white supremacists that were looking to kill Leon for ripping them off. In addition, in the midst of all of this John is desperately trying to track down Finch and was starting to lose his cool a bit. What does that mean? Impending awesome. The scene includes the following Person of Interest hallmarks: John’s dry humor, John hassling Fusco, Leon, Bear, intense action sequences we don’t see (which are great), and the Person of Interest music.

#3 POV: The Machine – Time to Save the New Admins: John and Root (Episode 22)
The season long storyline concerning the attacks on the machine and outside attempts to wrest control away from Finch comes to a head at the beginning of the season finale as both John and Root become temporary admins for the machine. Not only do we get to see the machine flex its muscles a little bit, but we get a brand new POV mode from the machine, it takes Root less than 20 seconds to personalize her warning system from the machine, and Shaw and John take out the bad guys.

#4 The Usual Suspects (Episode 10)
It was inevitable that John would get arrested at some point during the series. After all he runs around New York shooting people and getting into all sorts of trouble with dirty cops, the mob, and the CIA to just name a few. However, the writers of Person of Interest provided us with an excellent twist – with John get arrested along with three other perpetrators of a bank robbery with only Carter able to positively (of course she didn’t) ID the man in the suit. Would this be the end of our hero’s journey? (Of course not!)

#5 Remember When We Didn’t Get Along At All? (Episode 13)

The final moment of my top 5 may not have the action thrills of my honorable mentions (Shaw and John escaping the precint, Elias and John in prison, and Agent Snow’s epic revenge demise, The Machine setting itself free), but it provides a single crystal clear moment where the change in the relationship among our lead characters can be seen. At the beginning of the show we had the following taking place: John spying on Finch, John having Fusco spy on Finch, John stalking Carter (for protection, but still), John blackmailing Fusco, Fusco planning to kill John, and Carter intent on arresting the man in the suit. From a start of complete distrust our characters have over the past two seasons become a closely knit unit, with each member wanting to be part of the action all of the time (I’m looking at you Fusco – I hope you get to be the good guy soon, you deserve it), but most importantly really and truly caring about one another (great job by the actors by the way). So I chose this moment when we think that John is truly going to meet his end (okay he’s a major character on this show of course he wasn’t really going to die, but c’mon go with it).

Bonus: Leon has Nine Lives (Thanks to John)
This is a very short clip, but it sums up perfectly how Person of Interest sneaks in truly great comedic bits into every episode. Also it has Leon and Bear, so you can’t go wrong there.

What were your favorite scenes of the season?
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